Thursday, 14 January 2010

First entry for 2010

Thankful to see 2010! I’m quite busy at this moment as my supervisor is coming to visit me on the 25th. Well, let’s just say that I’m taking a little break :-)

My friend called me this morning, reporting of her gastric pain; she can’t eat anything and when she can, she would have to go to toilet soon after. I teased her that she only called when she’s having pain and needing advice. Few entries back, I was writing about her having asthma and what I advised has really worked on her. Well, well, well, I’m a doctor in the making! Just kidding – maybe a point of reference. I remembered of an email about rice water and since it has to do with the digesting system, I recommended her to try. We eat rice everyday, and it’s easy to just add extra water when we boil it, and scoop some out when it’s boiling. Drink it when it has cooled down a bit. I remember reading about the wonder of this rice water - add a bit of cendawan susu harimau, it will cure asthma as well.

Talking about cendawan susu harimau, I got mine already. A friend of my friend is kind enough to sell it to me. Actually she didn’t want to sell it to me as the thing is so precious and it has cured lots of other illness. Never mind, she knows how the cendawan looks like and will be able to buy it whenever she sees it (usually the native people selling it).

What do I do with the cendawan? Well, every morning I scratch it on a hard surface, a pasu piring, with a bit of water in it, and scratch until the mucus came out. I then apply some on the breasts and the balance, I lick some with my finger. It is tasteless and I don’t mind consuming it. Whether I still have this BC or not, I will still take this cendawan. In order to know the effectiveness, probably I should do some tests one of these days.

This morning on TV3, they were talking about when is the good time to go for medical check up. I know some people don’t bother to go for medical check up for fear that they might be diagnosed with this and that illness. In actual fact, it’s good to detect it early as chances of recovery is very high when it’s at the early stage.

I also get some good tips from the doctor this morning. In order to maintain healthy, do these - exercise, take a balanced diet, have enough sleep and control stress. It seems very easy to say, but very hard to practise :-) The important thing is to continue moving, giving and getting involved…