Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Health screening

I went for health screening yesterday. Since it's close to a year anniversary of me being diagnosed with BC, I thought I'd check to see my progress. Avoiding hassle, I just went to our health center at the university. It turned out that they have a very basic health screening process - just checking for cholesterol, blood sugar, renel function, liver function and ECG. I was hoping for BRCA test but no, they are not that advanced yet. I still have to make my way to the hospital for the test.

The doctor initially checked for my blood pressure. True enough - my blood pressure shot up again. She said it's too high that I would have been on medication already. I told her that I constantly check my BP at home and infact I record the reading everytime I check it. My BP at rest is always normal. This made me to conclude that my anxiety rises when I go to hospitals or any health centers. It's the last place where I want to be :-)

The blood result was ready after lunch. I'm quite pleased to receive the result; everything seems ok. White blood count and haemoglobin each is at the normal range, blood sugar is normal, cholesterol is a little bit high but is packed with HDL, the good cholesterol :-) This must be the result of my extra virgin olive oil intake! What it means? It means that chances of having cardiovascular disease is reduced because the HDL particles carry cholesterol away from the arteries back to the liver. On the other hand, the bad LDL carries the particles from the liver and deposit it in the arteries where it causes atherosclerosis and plaque build up. So to those who are reading, would you consider taking the extra virgin olive oil? I have it one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon at night. My ECG is also normal and I hope it will continue that way - I don't want to die of heart attack :-)

The result of my urine is a bit unpleasant as the doctor said it's a bit dirty and advised me to drink a lot of plain water. I've been fasting since 10 pm the night before, that must be the cause of it being dirty. I'm a heavy plain water drinker and infact during this extremely hot weather, drinking lots of plain water is something that can't be avoided. But of course, I would have to make frequent visits to the ladies :-)

Other than that, the renal profile, to find out what's happening in the kidney, showed an ok result except for potassium which is a bit low. Well, it's time to load myself with lots of bananas! And I'm a monkey in the making :-)

I guess the reason why I opted for a health screening was because my husband had his just recently. His result is all alright except that the doctor found lots of diamonds in his bile. If it's a real diamond, I would be a happy rich lady! In actual fact, he has bile stones. I wonder if there is an alternative medicine for it. I don't advise him to go for a surgery mainly because I don't want my blood pressure to shoot up - ha ha ha :-) The fact that I'm a bit worried that the after effect of it, his system will go haywire and he has to really watch out his food intake. I welcome any suggestions on herbs or remedy incase you have any.

On another note, today is our 19th wedding anniversary. Time really flies and it has been 19 years already. Hoping to see the number doubled...

Friday, 5 February 2010

Go fishing

I find it hard to write in this blog lately with my busy schedule and deadlines to meet! The meeting with my supervisor went on smoothly and he was glad to see me looking well. Thank God, I'm feeling good - no complain about health; I have a good appetite, I sleep like a log, I'm enjoying myself, do whatever I please, and go wherever I want. Certainly, I'm not that bad compared to others.

My title might sound a bit fishy but yes, that's what I'm doing every weekend. Usually on Sunday morning just after our morning prayer, we go fishing at Lake Kemendol, around 20 minutes drive from our home. It's not easy to get there as we have to walk a few terrains to get to the lake. My husband thought that it would be a good exercise for me too. True enough I sweat a lot! It's quite tough to catch the fish because they are wild and frankly, I have never strike any. So far, I only caught the small fish which ended up in our aquarium. Even that has a therapeutic value too by looking at the fish swimming. Try it out!

My friend emailed me an article on organopathy, an alternative medicine to cure BC. I have never heard of it before but through the reading, they claim that lots of people have been cured even at a later stage especially those who haven't gone for surgery yet. I google to find out more about it, unfortunately, I can't find any testimony about it. Well, it's worth trying. But the problem is, the clinic in up north and it's quite far from my place. Maybe I can give the doctor a call and explain my situation and see if my friend could pick up the medicine for me.

Other than that, I plan to see an alternative practitioner who use verses from Al-Qura'an as a healing method. I saw him practising it on TV - Astro Oasis (Penawar Syifa'), read his website too and found that he is our senior when I was in secondary school. Talking about my secondary school, today happpens to be our 31st anniversary joining the school. Looks like I only blog on special occassions lately; the previous date was my daughter's birthday. I'll write again on my wedding anniversary soon...