Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fuda again?

I'm referring to a recent viral message on Whatsapp, asking us to tune in to Channel 1 for an info on alternative treatment in Fuda.  I did not get to watch the slot, too late for it coz' it was shown the night before.

I belong to lots of WA group including cancer group of which some are extreme and some are moderate about managing cancer.  Most of the time, I just read the messages for info and seldom participate in the discussion.  I believe there is an ulterior motive in creating such group.  Be it, I just follow my instinct and body response on what I should take, where I should go for treatment, what sort of treatment and so forth.  About the treatment that I got from Fuda, regardless of what people say, I should say I feel good about it.  The treatment is less invasive and offer fast recovery; for example the cryo, three days after the treatment, I can go shopping already compared to the recent treatment that I had here (MWA) which left me half dead :-( and suffered for many months.  But then again, whatever we do, there must be 'istiqomah'/continuous??? and to be istiqomah in getting treatment in Fuda, I need to think about the most important factors - the $$$ and time.  Looking into my situation now, I surely cannot afford to go to Fuda again for treatment as I'm back at work.

So how can I be istiqomah in treating my cancer?  At the moment, I'm istiqomahly taking jus infiniti, drinking kangen water and taking some other supplements.  So far so good, I feel very comfortable, I can drive to work, I can do whatever I want including shopping :-), I can be the supir when my husband cannot drive on the highway while 'balik kampung',  I can sleep well, I can eat well, I can have a great time with my friends and what more can I ask for.  Basically I'm leading a quality life, who cares whether the cancer is still there.

I believe cancer can be controlled if we follow this DAON - D for Detox,  A for alkalize, O for oxygenated, and N for Nutrition.  There are many ways to do this and you can suit to taste according to your budget and means.  As for me, this can simply be done if I move back to kampung where there are ample oxygen, where I can rear my own chicken and plant my own vegetables.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford it at the moment as I still need to serve my contract and I need the money to take care of these cheeky kids :-)

Aidil Fitri 2016

Skinny me :-) Ready for our school reunion with Bollywood team.

Latest pic, at KLIA2 after sending off 2 elder daughters to Perth 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I'm back!

It has been several months since my last posting.  Long time no see, some may think that I'm gone already :-) Well, here I am, after few months of ordeal, I'm back!

Almost a year after I get back to work, in coping with stressful life, the lump grew bigger again.  The last cryoablation and immunotherapy done in China in December 2014, must have not killed all the cancer cells.  By end of 2015, I experienced series of bleeding again.  Feeling trauma that it might bleed anytime, anywhere, I then decided to go for Microwave Ablation (MWA).  With cryoablation,  the tumor is frozen, on the contrary, with MWA, the tumor is heated.

The MWA was performed on January 11, 2016 at a private hospital here in KL.  Prior to that the radiologist said that it would not affect my lung coz' there was quite a good buffer there.  But mishap sometimes happened and the procedure has affected my lung.  A week after the MWA, I felt shortness of breath and true enough, there was water in my right lung which had to be drained out.  I was admitted for two weeks at the hospital.  In the meantime, the tumor that has been ablated is left with dead cells which need dressing.  When the dead cells have been cleared, my breast became like a volcano crater, with a big hole which I don't dare to look at.  According to my husband, he could see the inside of me ~ my lung, my liver, my rib, one of which was broken during the procedure.   Duhhhh it was really scary.  Had I known that this is going to happen, I surely would not opt for it.  And of course, I would not recommend it to other patients.  Well actually here in Malaysia, they are not ready for the procedure yet; there is no cooperation between the radiologist, the surgical and the onco team.  Anyhow, the damage has been done and I had to live with it.

During two weeks at the hospital, I had no appetite to eat and I also experienced diarrhea from the effect of pain killer.  The loss of appetite and the diarrhea continued when I got home.  It was not until end of March that I can eat little by little.  My system has got lots of wind that when I tried to eat, I can easily feel like vomiting.  My body was so restless due to lack of energy from the effect of loss of appetite.  Luckily I can still drink water, take vitamins and ate fruits.  I lost 14kg from the ordeal which makes me so skinny as if I was in my teens.

In the meantime, up until now, I still go for daily dressing at a clinic nearby.  With the application of dermacyn, aquacel and solcoseryl gel at the wound, slowly the hole became smaller and smaller, new skin began to develop.  My breathing improved day by day, and during the last check up by the Hospice nurse, my lung appeared normal, the traces of water in my lung had gone and my oxygen level has gone back to normal range.  Alhamdulillah.

I'm now back at work, feeling energetic, able to fast during this Ramadan, and perform tarawih prayer at the masjid as usual.  Starting May, I've been drinking kangen water to alkalize my body.  On top of it, I also take jus infiniti, combination of herbs to combat the big 'C'.  The person who formulated it, is confident that I can completely heal in eight months :-)  I hope it's true and In shaa Allah with Allah's willing.  During this Ramadan, I pray that I'd be completely cured. Aamiin.