Friday, 26 March 2010

Conventional or alternative?

When one is diagnosed with cancer, the most important thing is to get a cure for it, the best treatment possible so that life can be prolonged. Some will opt for the conventional treatment; going for surgery, chemo, and radiation. Some will opt for alternative treatment; ubat kampung as we malay say it. Well, which one is better? I'd say it depends on our own personal choice. We human is given the power to choose; and we have the right to decide which is the best for us. After all, we are the one who is taking the risk and consequences during or after the treatment.

There is no right or wrong in choosing the conventional or the alternative. Once again, it's a matter of preference. Personally, I have experienced both and I don't say that conventional treatment is not good; the four doses of chemo that I had must have done its good in shrinking the lump and probably get rid of millions of my cancer cells. I decided on continuing on alternative which has brought me to the state as I'm at the moment.

I'm currently reading a book on self-healing - use the mind to heal the body. I quote herewith caption from the foreward by the publisher, who had vagina cancer and cured in six months using the power of the mind to heal the body :

"I can make suggestions and I can definitely explain what worked for me, but ultimately each individual has to take full responsibility for their selves and know that the course they have chosen is the best one for them".
Part of the healing is the prayer that we put forward to God. There are times when we go and seek alternative treatment that the Kiyai put forward the prayer for us. There was a little dispute over this in our yahoogroup as such, it's better that we ourselves pray for our own recovery. Personally I see there is nothing wrong with getting someone else to pray for us. No doubt it's better for us to ask from God ourselves but I do get my friends to pray for me especially when they go for their Haj or performing for Umrah.
Well, actually we can practically do anything to heal ourselves. The most important thing is the belief that whatever treatment that we go for, will do us good. This morning I got a lead from a collegue that there is a Kiyai in Indonesia who does a treatment by transfering the sickness to a goat! Cool isn't it? Well, let me try first and will feedback on this later...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

B17 to fight cancer

I was watching Halal Bio on Astro Aosis this morning and the story was about vitamin B17 to fight cancer. Don't I have other things to do other that watching TV! Well actually it was my breakfast time and I usually have it infront of the TV.

I've never heard about vitamin B17 before and having followed the TV program and googling myself when I reach office, I found that vitamin B17 can be found in raw uncooked food. Ranges of food high in vitamin B17 (captured from the internet); Fruits Range - wild blackberry, choke cherry, wild crabapple, Swedish (lignon) cranberry. Seeds Range - apple seeds, apricot seed, cherry seed, nectarine seed, peach seed, pear seeds, plum seed, and prune seed. Nuts (all raw) Range - bitter almond, macadamia. Sprouts Range - bamboo (to my surprise!). Leaves Range - alfalfa, eucalyptus. Tubers Range - cassava (don't know what it is), sweet potato and yams (low).

As for the berries, it's hard to find here unless I live in Cameron Highlands. As for the seeds range, I can find them at the supermarket - next time when we buy apple, eat the seeds as well :-)

Notice that the range of fruits are all grown in western countries. I wonder if there are scientists here doing research on our ulam-ulam to find out the amount of B17 vitamins in our ulam-ulam. If there is, I really like to find out. In the meantime, since B17 is found in uncooked raw food, I should load myself with more ulam-ulam. At present I always have some together with my rice. It's even easier at home as we grow some in our garden. Everytime we have our meal we just pluck some - proven insecticides and pesticides free :-)

In most of the sites that I surf, they are telling about apricot seed or kernel to fight cancer. Some sites do sell the seeds and those in capsule form too. As usual, it's really tempting to try. But I have yet to see the effectiveness of the cendawan susu rimau that I've been taking. Who knows this cendawan might have loads of B17 too :-)

On another note, while I'm on a remission, my elder sister recently found a lump on her breast. I have advised her to go and see the doctor to get the diagosis. It could be or could not be cancerous. As usual she is worried to learn the result and ask for my advise on the cure for it. I gave her the contact number of the organopathy doctor. I wonder if she has already called up the doctor...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What a hassle

I went to a government hospital yesterday to visit my friend who has just delivered a baby. Since I've been wanting to go to that particular hospital to get my blood tested for BRCA, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

While waiting for the visiting hours, I went to the counter to enquire about the procedure if I want to get my blood tested. They told me that I can't simply do the test as it must be ordered by a doctor. Well, I should then book for an appointment to see a doctor. Believe it or not, the nurse wouldn't book me an appointment just because I did not bring any reference letter! She said it's their policy and they have to comply with it. So much so about ISO! In malay the appropriate abbreviation for it is Ini Susahkan Orang. What a hassle, to book an appointment we have to bring in a letter of reference, then, come back the next time for the appointment, then come back in the next few month to get the result. If someone is dying, he or she might be dead the minute the result is out! Well I'm not that patient and as long as I have other options I will not set foot at the hospital again for a treatment unless I'm dying and somebody else admits me there :-)

I'm pretty sure my blood pressure shot up at the hospital yesterday and am pretty sure it subsided the minute I saw my friend with her new baby. She was a tiny baby at around 2.5kg and reminded me of Aina who coincidently accompanied me to the hospital. We had a good chat, talking, gossipping and laughing, you could imagine how havoc it was since I have not met her since I left the UK.

What an experience I had yesterday...There is also a good thing happened though, while I was waiting for the GL from my employer, I came across a phamplet about khairat kematian for staff, and I fill in the form on the spot to allow them to deduct RM2 of my monthly salary for it. It is actually a compensation scheme meant for the beneficiary incase we died. As to date, for every death, they are able to give away RM23,000, quite a lot of money eh! I'm lucky to be in an organization with thousands of employees and to date, the participation for this scheme is approaching 20,000. If you are reading and you happen to be in the same organization, feel free to join as we never know when we will die and little compensation for our loved ones when we are gone will certainly help...

Friday, 5 March 2010

Live life to the fullest

My latest pic - with toman that my son caught..

It has been a year since I was diagnosed with BC. I’m glad and thankful that I’m still in one piece, living life to the fullest. I’m really lucky to have discovered it at an earlier stage, giving ample time for me to decide what’s the best treatment for me.

Looking back, what I have done to combat this BC has really shown it’s positive result. Although I have not done any test to proof that I’m cancer-free, my state of health proves that I’m a survivor. I don’t really care whether the cancer cells still exist, after all everyone of us has the cancer cells in our body. It’s a matter of how we control it so that it will not do any harm to our body which in the end, affects the quality of our lives.

I have tried modern medicine as well as alternative. Personally, I prefer the alternative as it’s less painful. As I have experienced, the after effect of my chemo was not that bad compared to others. But four doses were ENOUGH for me and I’m glad that when I get back here, I did not go to the hospital to continue my treatment. Before I left, the doctor was worried that the lump will re-grow and insisted that I go for further treatment. I’m glad that I did not follow his advise and follow my intuition instead. I’m thankful that the chemo that I had has shrunk the lump and the only side effect that I encountered was loosing my hair. Well, I have a new set of hair now, bushier that before :-)

Based on my research, I found that cancer strikes when the body lacks the immune system. Back then, with less intake of vitamins and minerals and in addition to stress and less water intake (coz’ it’s cold), my cancer cells grew happily. But now, I make sure that I strengthen my immune system and it seems the black seed oil, the extra virgin olive oil, the cendawan susu rimau and ocassional hempedu bumi are capable of doing so.

Cancer cells cannot survive in a state where there are loads of oxygen. I now drink lots of plain water to make sure that my cells get the oxygen needed. On top of that, I massage my body everyday using the ceragem to ensure that the qi flows smoothly; same effect as qi gong :-). Early in the morning, I spend a few minutes in my garden, breathing in and out deeply, infront of my plants that I purposely let them grow bushy. At this point of time, my scented flowers like kasidang and kenanga are blooming, providing a natural aromatherapy for me.

I still drink my lemon grass tea everyday to kill the cancer cells. At times I eat the soursop when I get the supply. If not, I just drink the soursop juice. During this hot weather, I usually have the frozen one, we call it ais krim batang.

The serenity of one of my fishing spot that is simply breathtaking...

Remembering this first anniversary, I pray that I'll be forever healthy and live long to see all my children grow until they are all independent...