Friday, 23 February 2018

My book is out already!

Wowwiieee ! I have neglected this blog for so longggg,  some may have thought that I may be gone already.   Alhamdulillah I'm still around, alive & kicking.

Have been updating on facebook ever since coz' it's more convenient.  Nonetheless,  I should announce about my book here, in case you missed  my cancer journey,  you can always recap thru my book.   Unfortunately,  it's written in malay.  Translating it to English is in my 'to do' list.  Don't know when it is going to materialize,  in the meantime,  enjoy my malay book yea.

I'm also testing the power of online marketing, you can only get it from me by WA me at this link

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fuda again?

I'm referring to a recent viral message on Whatsapp, asking us to tune in to Channel 1 for an info on alternative treatment in Fuda.  I did not get to watch the slot, too late for it coz' it was shown the night before.

I belong to lots of WA group including cancer group of which some are extreme and some are moderate about managing cancer.  Most of the time, I just read the messages for info and seldom participate in the discussion.  I believe there is an ulterior motive in creating such group.  Be it, I just follow my instinct and body response on what I should take, where I should go for treatment, what sort of treatment and so forth.  About the treatment that I got from Fuda, regardless of what people say, I should say I feel good about it.  The treatment is less invasive and offer fast recovery; for example the cryo, three days after the treatment, I can go shopping already compared to the recent treatment that I had here (MWA) which left me half dead :-( and suffered for many months.  But then again, whatever we do, there must be 'istiqomah'/continuous??? and to be istiqomah in getting treatment in Fuda, I need to think about the most important factors - the $$$ and time.  Looking into my situation now, I surely cannot afford to go to Fuda again for treatment as I'm back at work.

So how can I be istiqomah in treating my cancer?  At the moment, I'm istiqomahly taking jus infiniti, drinking kangen water and taking some other supplements.  So far so good, I feel very comfortable, I can drive to work, I can do whatever I want including shopping :-), I can be the supir when my husband cannot drive on the highway while 'balik kampung',  I can sleep well, I can eat well, I can have a great time with my friends and what more can I ask for.  Basically I'm leading a quality life, who cares whether the cancer is still there.

I believe cancer can be controlled if we follow this DAON - D for Detox,  A for alkalize, O for oxygenated, and N for Nutrition.  There are many ways to do this and you can suit to taste according to your budget and means.  As for me, this can simply be done if I move back to kampung where there are ample oxygen, where I can rear my own chicken and plant my own vegetables.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford it at the moment as I still need to serve my contract and I need the money to take care of these cheeky kids :-)

Aidil Fitri 2016

Skinny me :-) Ready for our school reunion with Bollywood team.

Latest pic, at KLIA2 after sending off 2 elder daughters to Perth 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I'm back!

It has been several months since my last posting.  Long time no see, some may think that I'm gone already :-) Well, here I am, after few months of ordeal, I'm back!

Almost a year after I get back to work, in coping with stressful life, the lump grew bigger again.  The last cryoablation and immunotherapy done in China in December 2014, must have not killed all the cancer cells.  By end of 2015, I experienced series of bleeding again.  Feeling trauma that it might bleed anytime, anywhere, I then decided to go for Microwave Ablation (MWA).  With cryoablation,  the tumor is frozen, on the contrary, with MWA, the tumor is heated.

The MWA was performed on January 11, 2016 at a private hospital here in KL.  Prior to that the radiologist said that it would not affect my lung coz' there was quite a good buffer there.  But mishap sometimes happened and the procedure has affected my lung.  A week after the MWA, I felt shortness of breath and true enough, there was water in my right lung which had to be drained out.  I was admitted for two weeks at the hospital.  In the meantime, the tumor that has been ablated is left with dead cells which need dressing.  When the dead cells have been cleared, my breast became like a volcano crater, with a big hole which I don't dare to look at.  According to my husband, he could see the inside of me ~ my lung, my liver, my rib, one of which was broken during the procedure.   Duhhhh it was really scary.  Had I known that this is going to happen, I surely would not opt for it.  And of course, I would not recommend it to other patients.  Well actually here in Malaysia, they are not ready for the procedure yet; there is no cooperation between the radiologist, the surgical and the onco team.  Anyhow, the damage has been done and I had to live with it.

During two weeks at the hospital, I had no appetite to eat and I also experienced diarrhea from the effect of pain killer.  The loss of appetite and the diarrhea continued when I got home.  It was not until end of March that I can eat little by little.  My system has got lots of wind that when I tried to eat, I can easily feel like vomiting.  My body was so restless due to lack of energy from the effect of loss of appetite.  Luckily I can still drink water, take vitamins and ate fruits.  I lost 14kg from the ordeal which makes me so skinny as if I was in my teens.

In the meantime, up until now, I still go for daily dressing at a clinic nearby.  With the application of dermacyn, aquacel and solcoseryl gel at the wound, slowly the hole became smaller and smaller, new skin began to develop.  My breathing improved day by day, and during the last check up by the Hospice nurse, my lung appeared normal, the traces of water in my lung had gone and my oxygen level has gone back to normal range.  Alhamdulillah.

I'm now back at work, feeling energetic, able to fast during this Ramadan, and perform tarawih prayer at the masjid as usual.  Starting May, I've been drinking kangen water to alkalize my body.  On top of it, I also take jus infiniti, combination of herbs to combat the big 'C'.  The person who formulated it, is confident that I can completely heal in eight months :-)  I hope it's true and In shaa Allah with Allah's willing.  During this Ramadan, I pray that I'd be completely cured. Aamiin.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Another birthday!

Alhamdulillah for another birthday :-) It was celebrated a little bit early over the weekend when everyone in the family was around.  A nasi arab treat at Saba' Restaurant, and a surprised birthday cake at night.  The kids planned the surprise all the way.  All this while, whoever's birthday, I would be the mastermind ~ looking for cake and set up the event.  But now, when the kids are grown up, they have the pleasure of arranging one.  Frankly speaking I did not know when they had meetings to plan for it.  All that I know, when I came downstairs to watch TV, they suddenly sang the birthday songs and we then enjoyed the cake.  It was a banana cake with real banana in it.  It's really 'yummeh' and it does not last long in the fridge.  The kids are requesting another one :-)  when everyone is around, we will get a bigger  one next time.

And what's the present from Yati to Yati this time?  It's certainly the B17 that I have reordered recently.  While enjoying this year's birthday treat, I'm determined to get better and stay healthy all the way so that I can be of service to my family.  Mission to treat my morquio kids are not done yet and I sincerely hope they will grow bigger and be independent as the rest of their siblings. 

Actually when birthday comes, the one that I really want to see is my mum.  Can't wait to see her this weekend to thank her for bringing me into the world, guide me all the way, and constantly pray for my health and success.

As for my current health, on top of the B17, recently I have started to take the asparagus like I did way back in 2009.  It is more convenient for me as I can get the supply from Jaya Grocers nearby; steam them for a while & blend them to turn into a puree.  Every morning and night, just take two tablespoons, mix with plain water and drink.  It has shown a positive effect, but have to bear with the healing crisis during the first few days of consuming it.  My BP has also turn to normal now.  Alhamdulillah...


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mourning and Gloomy September

Glad that September is almost over.  It has been a mourning month with the demise of two of my 'Fuda treatment' friends, one during end of August and the other, a week after.  Al-fatihah to them ~ Moga roh mereka di cucuri rahmat.

Gone two, many more has contacted me for advise.  Wahhh, I suddenly become a consultant eh! I'm just sharing my experience and enlighten them when needed.  Having been in the same boat, I know how they feel and some words of comfort will certainly cheer them up.  Some say that I'm an inspiration and hopefully it will motivate them to get better.  Sometimes, I was out of words too to console, especially when informed that the whole lung has been filled with tumors, the condition is very weak, and no appetite to eat...duhhhhh...If the person has strong will power to live, in shaa Allah he or she will survive.  But then, if it is time already, the sickness will just be the cause...

As for me, I feel very good, enjoying every minute of my life, with no pain to grumble with.  But yesterday I felt pain on my chest ~ due to haze and maybe overload of meat during the Eid Adha which cause inflammation.  I had some turmeric capsules yesterday to counter it and Alhamdulillah it works.  Today the pain is gone :-)  Well actually, once we have the big 'C', it will forever be with us till we die.  It is the matter of managing it so that we can live our lives at ease and certainly with NO PAIN!

It is wise to divert the attention to other things rather than concentrating solely on the big 'C'.  I'm now on a mission to treat my Morquio kids.  Recently my friend introduced me to a chiropractor nearby, and we have made a few trips there.  The kids showed good progress and they are now taller by two cm!  Good enough eh.  The Sifu said, looking at the spine, the kids can grow taller, and I pray that it will come true.  Surgeries won't do them any good ~ proven with the big sister who is now on wheelchair, and I'm not going to let the same thing happen to the little sister.  The only matter is ~ per treatment costs RM220 and for two??? treatment is every 4 days or so... Poket koyak jugak gini macam :-)

With my Morquio kids

Lastly, I hope that the haze season will be over soon.  Last night I checked, my O2 level was 96, which was usually 99.  Panic a bit woooo.  I also pity my friends who are having problem with breathing especially those with asthma.  Stay indoor everyone! 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

B17 regime

Fasting month and Eid went in a bliss.  Look at the happy faces during raya :-)

I received my b17 package around the first week of Ramadhan.  Rather conservative buying eh, first try with the supplier, I though I should not overdo la eh, kalau barang x sampai, menangis beb!
I had daily shot of 3 grams of B17 at a local clinic right after work.  Around 4.30 pm, wahhh cancer cells were starving too at that time eh! 14 shots altogether during fasting months (minus the weekends) and Alhamdulillah it shows a positive effect.  Since the screening for the hitv immunotherapy, with the tests and the touch to measure the tumor, it has started to bleed.  But now, my tumor has stopped bleeding.  I had another six shots after raya which were done while fasting too.  Pains on my back has gone, gone forever I hope! after this, just continue with two or three tablets of 500 mg amigdalin and some apricot seeds too in between.  They say must take other vitamins like zinc, vit C etc to make the b17 work.  Of course I'll supplement myself with those too.
The cream is effective as well, I apply on the affected area twice daily.
What's next?  Well, just wait and see and cherish every moment.  There is no doctor's appointment to look forward to, I'm fully responsible in taking care of myself now.  Of course I have my benchmark;  I have gone through bad times and I know the feeling. So just look for the signal and follow my intuition on what's next.  As at now, health wise I'm alright.  I can still drive long distance day or night; and infact, during third day of raya, I drove down to Kluang Johor for an engagement ceremony.  My husband has a panic attack syndrome whereby he cannot drive on the highway ~ sudah kene sampuk dengan hantu highway eh :-)  Kids can drive but they are not allowed to, so the steering is mine :-)
As long as I can perform my daily routine like sending my kid to school, driving to work, do a bit of cooking and household chores, perform my prayers, recite Qur'an at ease, I'm alright and Alhamdulillah.  Just pray that USD won't go further up or rather, ringgit won't go further down :-(  So much that I want to, trip to Fuda has to be postponed due to exchange rate.  As for now, duduk ontok2 yo lah kek sini :-)

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Admitted into hospital Ramadhan again

Alhamdulillah, well and fine, and able to see another Ramadhan :-) I'm able to fast at ease, cook food for the family, perform tarawih prayer at the masjid at ease; basically leading a normal life.

Relating to the previous entry, Pak Andak Gerik doesn't work with me eh.  Too many pantang, I just cannot cope with it :-) HA HA HA

Soon after, I came across an ad of a local hospital looking for clinical trial patients for HITV immunotherapy.  I was a bit excited about it and approach them to enroll.  As usual, I have to go through many procedure to see if I'm qualified.  I had mammo for the unaffected breast, ultrasound, and PET CT scan.  A few trips made to the hospital and in the end, the doc emailed me telling me that I'm not qualified because I have done iodine seeding before.  The iodine seeding was done last year and it could not possibly be in my body anymore.   Well, it could be a blessing in disguise ~ while waiting for them to say yes or no, I received news that a friend who did the same procedure at a private hospital here, passed on.  The night before, he sent me the image of his PET CT showing the before and after HITV.  His cancer is almost cleared, yet he did not survive.

So what will be my plan b?  Looking back at the treatment that I have gone through so far, I can say that the B17 injection was effective.  Therefore, I have ordered my own supply through online and waiting for it to get here.  I figure, if I do it during this fasting month, it would be more effective.  During fasting month, cancer cells are starving too and while they are at a weaker state, I give them B17, hopefully they will die off.

In the meantime, I'm trying the butterfly tea, from the butterfly leaves.  News has spread around that the leaves, when boiled, can cure lots of sickness and there are also success stories on cancer patients too.  Why not give it a try eh...