Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Another birthday

Last Saturday, I celebrated my 46th birthday.  Really thankful to have lived this long and hope for many more years to come.  Nothing grand, just a picnic at Putrajaya Wetland, in line with getting my girl relaxing her mind before she sits for her SPM starting this week.  And for lunch, as usual we went to Saba' Restaurant for some mandi chicken briyani.  No cake this time, I don't want to feed my cancer cells :-)

At 46

As usual, during my birthday, I always get a present for myself :-) And guess what my birthday present for this year is - 18 day ozone treatment package!  I have started on it yesterday, first impression, it's more systematic than the treatment that I had in Seri Kembangan.  Before starting on any procedure, they took the blood test and today, the result is back.  My CA 15.3 (cancer marker) reading was 126 U/ml.  It should be below 39.1 U/ml.  Although the cancer is there, I'm relief that the reading is not 400 or 700 or even 1000+ coz' they say there are cases of such!  Other CA readings are within normal range.  One point to note is that my Haemoglobin is a bit low, I need to scout for folic acid soon.  Cholesterol was in the normal range - which makes my husband a bit puzzled as to why my BP is at the borderline.

What do I get from the package?  Well, yesterday I had the apheresis - the cleaning of the blood.  They drew out blood from my left arm, make it pass through a machine to filter out the cholesterol & toxins, ozonate it and put back in the blood on my right arm.  The colour of blood that they drew out was dark red, and guess what, the filtered blood that they put back in is bright red colour!  Shall I say that I have blood like a baby's now? :-)  This procedure will be done three times only, once everyweek.
Comparing the unfiltered blood with the filtered one

This morning I had the microbubble blood - the way they did it was that they drew out blood into a bag (like the bag we donate blood), and then they mix it out with ozone, put the ozonated blood back in.  I also had insufflation (through nose) and through vagina too (I never heard that there is such treatment!)
The blood before ozonate

The blood after ozonate, being infused

On top of it I also get supplements like vit C and something to clean the liver (injected into the vein).  Ozone capsules were also provided, once taken, whenever I burp, I can smell the ozone :-) As at this point, everything went well, so far I did not feel any headache or anything like the one I had in Seri Kembangan.

Pray that it will work this time.  The reason being, I want to go for my graduation in December!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Is the ozone treatment working?

It's really a tough job to find the root cause of my cancer.  Blame it on the toxins from the amalgam, well, I have had all amalgams changed to composite already but the lump is still there.  Blame it on the lack of oxygen in the cells, well, I have spent 10K with the ozone treatment already, but the lump is still there.  Come to think of it, maybe the way it's done is not correct for me - who knows how long can the oxygen stays in the cell and if I do it once a week, the cancer cells have time to grow before the next dose.  Besides, the clinic is quite far from the place that I work, and to go there and have treatment takes quite some time and while the semester is running, I can't afford to be away for a long time.  There is another ozone center nearby my workplace, now offering 18 days of ozone treatment (daily) for almost 9K.  I'm contemplating to try it out but how if it doesn't work?  I mean I have experience the ozone treatment before...

Through the conversation with my ozone Dr, we still have to take care of our daily food intake, preferably fruit juice and vegetable juice.  Haiiyaaa, can I blend i.e. the spinach and drink?  I don't think so... carrot juice would be alright, but do I have the discipline to do it everyday?  Can I not eat rice and all the good food together with it? The Dr advise not to cook the rice and other dishes in metal pots.  But all pots at home are made of metal...And if I go and have lunch outside (during workdays) how can I control it?

As of now, I do ozone bagging everyday as I have the ozonator at home.  To ozonate everything before cooking or eating, wah, it takes courage and discipline & I'm not sure whether I can do it.  My ozonator is placed in my bedroom and to go up and down to get things ozonated is quite a courageous thing to do isn't it?  Or I might as well get another ozonator to be placed downstairs.

Recently I came across info about ace maxs, an Indonesian product, a juice made of mangostene (manggis) and soursop (durian belanda).  I have contacted the agent there, but unfortunately they cannot ship it here.  Alternatively, I have ordered mangostene juice and will try it when it got it. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What a relief!

Exactly two months after my last post, I'm glad to annouce that I'm almost done with my PhD.  I had my viva yesterday and Alhamdulillah I passed with minor correction.  What a relief! I just need to do the amendments and submit the hardbound copy to the university.  The stress of finishing off the PhD is over and now I can concentrate on my cancer battle.

In the last post, I did mention about taking a break after submitting the thesis.  The holiday in Tioman was superb.  Everyone in the family enjoyed it very much.  We even plan to go there again sometime.  Unfortunately, too much of swimming and snorkelling has somewhat affect my tumor.  I had infection on my affected breast to the extend that it bled profusely.  I managed to control the bleeding by myself; had I gone to the hospital, they would have performed an emergency surgery on me.  So instead, I google to find similar experience of bleeding breast tumor and I came across a natural healer's blog in Bali.  From her blog, I got a lead of Dr (H) Chan, who believed that cancer is caused by heavy toxins in the body.  In fact, the Bali woman had three root canals of which after she removed them, she is cured of her cancer.  When I saw Dr (H) Chan, he tested my toxin levels and the readings are very very high.  He made me an antidote for my super detox and advised me to remove all my amalgam filling which could be the source of heavy toxins in my body.  No wonder whatever I take does not heal me - my immune system is busy clearing off the toxins and neglect my cancer.  I have started to remove my amalgam fillings one by one now and have few more to go.

Dr (H) Chan also prescibed me baking soda and maple syrup to cure the cancer.  I asked him whether he knew of any doctor who can inject baking soda directly to the tumor and he gave me the number of Dr Mak in Seri Kembangan.  I went to see Dr Mak and he suggested a combination of ozone and baking soda for my cancer treatment.  I'm convinced after learning that lots of cancer patients and diabetic patients in his clinic got cured by ozone treatment.  In my case, he injects baking soda alternate with ozone (per treatment), clean the blood with ozone & UV (around 30 minutes), and then infuse the baking soda directly into my vein.  The treatment takes around 2 hours and I do it twice a week.  So far, I have had 10 treatments and the tumor has started to shrink.  My pocket shrinks too coz' per treatment costs me around RM500 :-)  I don't really mind actually, and I pray that I'd get cured using this regime.

One thing good about this ozone treatment compared to chemo is that I feel lively, I even had the chance to go to Netherlands last month for a conference.  Over in Netherlands, I cycle around 3 kilometers everyday to the conference venue and I feel fine.  I remember when I was in the UK, few days after the chemo I cycled to the office, when I reached the office I was out of breath and it took quite sometime to recover.

And now it's fasting month, I have no problem fasting.  Hopefully during fasting month the cancer cells will starve and with the ozone and baking soda, they will die off naturally...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I'm back!

And yes, I'm back from a long silence :-) Well, I was busy actually, finishing off my thesis, and it's now done and ready to be sent to the examiners.  The next step is to prepare for viva, I guess I can take a break eh, by updating this blog.

Healthwise, I'm alright despite the stress of writing and finishing off.  People who seldom meet me, say that I'm really really slim.  My cousin that I met during my aunt's funeral recently, said I shouldn't be this thin at this age.  Why?  I look sick eh?  My friend on FB when commenting on my photo was asking if I was alright, and advised that I should go and check my sugar level.  Hyperglycemia? Maybe not as I don't take sweet things.  Hypoglycemia?  Maybe not too coz' I don't have any symptom of being in that state.  I'm perfectly alright, BP is normal, BMI is normal and I'm enjoying myself being slim especially when I go out with my eldest daughter; her friends thought that I was her big sister :-)  When I go anywhere, people call me 'kakak' rather than 'makcik'.  Ahhhhh, what a pleasure.

As for the progress of my big C, I'm now taking keladi tikus capsule (local product) or its scientific name Typhonium Flagelliforme.  So far so good, I can see the reaction and I'm going to continue taking it.  I have also tried few other products from US but I guess I'd stick to the keladi tikus which is affordable and effective.  Dari kaya kan orang luar, baik kaya kan sedara se islam sendiri ek.

I'm still taking the sabah snake grass, sometimes by just chewing the leaves.  My nursery friend told me that there was one doctor diagnosed with BC stage one, she chewed three leaves every day (few times a day maybe) and the cancer is gone in a month.  Wah! Dr also go for alternative eh.  True enough, they know that the chemo is not good, it's poisoning the body and yet they recommend people to go through the chemo, radiation and surgery...

When I was busy writing up, I skipped my aerobics and as an alternative, I have now started walking every day at the park near home.  After I dropped the kids at school, I stop by at the park and walk for 20 minutes with my eldest who is on holiday now.  It feels good, really sweating and the best part is that I breath in oxygen every morning.  The park is lively in the morning with a group of people doing tai chi, some jog and some walk too.  I guess people are aware of the need for exercise and are really practising it eh.  Excellent!

Kids will be on school holiday next week and coincidently, our uni will be on Gawai holiday next week.  My eldest is also on holiday, so we thought it would be a good time to take a break.  Our destination would be Tioman Island.  I've never been there and really looking forward to the trip next week.  It's time to enjoy the white sandy beaches and the clear water and I'm looking forward to snorkeling too.  But before going, I should take a pic of mine before going coz' I'm sure I'd be very tanned when I get back :-)  


Saturday, 4 February 2012

What to eat?

Recently I had a request from a friend whose sister-in-law's niece is suspected of having cancer. The question is - what to eat? I thought I'd post it here to benefit others as well. Like it or not, cancer is a chronic metabolic disease. We are what we eat, therefore, we must change our food intake. Eat fresh food, avoid processed food, avoid dairy products, avoid sugar,& take lots of anti-oxidants. What are those? I think we can google search by ourselves eh...By the way, a recent visit to the alternative practitioners, they forbid me from taking chicken, egg and banana until I'm cured. Why chicken? We pretty well know eh the live of a chicken is 45 days before they are slaughtered. Wah, so fast huh! surely there are lot of growth hormone being injected. When we eat the chicken, coincidently we consume the growth hormone too. Our cancer cells become very happy :-)

Besides food intake, we must also make sure our BMI is within a normal range. When I was diagnosed my BMI was really over the normal range but now, with lots of pantang, my BMI is now at a normal range.

How to get a normal BMI? Well, surely we must eat less, and exercise. I've just started joining aerobic at the office and have already planned with a few friends to resume swimming at our uni's pool. But then again if you prefer less stranious exercise, yoga or taichi could be the other alternatives.

Lastly, lead a happy life, reduce stress and insya'Allah we will be alright...