Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ramadhan, Syawal and now

It’s almost a month since my last entry. Well, I just could not find the right time to write and post it in this blog. I’ll recall what I was up to since the last entry.

Towards the end of Ramadhan, I was busy doubling the effort in search of Lailatul Qadar. Alhamdulillah, during the month of Ramadhan I managed to perform the Tarawikh prayer everyday at the mosque except day 1 & 2 (we went back to our hometown), day 16 ( unloading stuff from the container) and day 19 (husband was not feeling well). So far, this was the best Ramadhan ever coz’ I was able to fast for the whole month. The best tarawikh nights were during day 27 when the Imam recited the last juzuk of the Qura’an, day 28 being the Friday night, and day 29,the last day, when we had reciting of Qura’an as a group. We broke our fast at the mosque as well, during that day.

Right after the last tarawikh, we went back to our hometown, reached there around 3 am. The traveling was smooth although there were lots of cars. During the last day of Ramadhan, we usually cook a big feast. I have missed it for two years and really enjoyed this one. Since my big sisters were not back yet, I had to do the tough jobs – cut 8 whole chickens into pieces and cut off 7 kgs of meat! You could imagine how tiring it was. But it was really worth it. During the breaking of fast, my doa was for me to meet the next Ramadhan, Insya’Allah.

Raya was celebrated with the Aidilfitri prayer in the morning, and asking for forgiveness from everybody. This is quite a touching moment especially for me having gone through this BC. Aunties and uncles came to visit; they were really thrilled to see me since they knew that I was not well. Days after, were spent visiting families and friends. My mother has 15 brothers and sisters and few days were not enough to visit them all.

We went back to our home after spending a week at our hometown. Too bad, I had a terrible skin infection - rashes and skin inflammation all over the body. My best bet was I was allergic to the bamboo trees that I passed through while surveying a piece of land for sale. I went to the pharmacy to get the anti-histamine and Alhamdullillah, the rashes is settled in a few days. My skin is now back to normal. While having it, somehow it struck into my mind that it could be a skin cancer. Being worried, I now have resumed drinking my lemon grass tea. Hopefully it will kill off the traces of cancer cells in my body. Although the lump is gone, I still take the extra virgin olive oil, the black seed oil and the hempedu bumi capsule. So far, I’m feeling good. I have yet to go for the follow up, maybe one of these days. Frankly, I like to believe that the cancer is now gone and I don’t bother to go and check. After all, everyone of us has cancer cells in our body. So why worry…


Ermayum said...

salam ziarah ,

how to make lemon grass tea - sedap ke?

cahaya said...

tahniah dengan ketabahan akak...salam kemaafan zahir dan batin dari kami sekeluarga... 0-0

yatibahar said...

Salam Ermayum,
My version of lemon grass tea - simply slice the lemon grass (a few slices will do), put in a mug and pour hot water onto it. Add a bit of ginger if you want. Sedap? The thought of it killing the cancer cells, makes it sedap!

Thanks for dropping by Cahaya. Maaf zahir batin dari kami sekeluarga juga.

Anonymous said...

About Cancer / Research and Chemo - watch the movie how Chinese healer cured a 2 inch tumor within 3 min. in front of a running camera with scan.