Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Go green

It has been almost two months since my previous entry. Well, actually I wrote one during fasting month but it did get published. Just to mention that it was a blissful Ramadhan, fasting at ease, praying at ease too. The best part is that I lost 4 kg and my BMI is now at the normal range.

Raya was a good one too. Our theme this year is 'green'. In line with going back to nature, growing greens, eating greens :-)

Raya is almost over, semester has already started and I'm back to normal life - teaching and finishing off my thesis. And at the same time, still fighting with the big 'C'.

I went to Pasar Tani Shah Alam two weeks back and glad to find the Sabah Snake Grass - very healthy and bushy plant and I grabbed 4 of them, planning to re-grow more. I revisited about SSG in the net and guess what, some do advise to just chew the leaves! I'd be like kambing (goat) soon :-) For the sake of getting better, I don't mind. But I like it better by drinking the blended SSG with green apple which reminds me, I'm out of green apple and I should drop by at the pasar malam here to get some.

Had breakfast with friends this morning and when chatting about health, they were amazed on how relax I'm when I told them that I felt another lump near my armpit. Well, as long as I'm ok, and I'm taking what I should to get rid of it, I need not worry about it. Besides, I haven't gone for my scan to check whether it's cancerous or not. I guess it's time to really go green eh!


Anonymous said...

I was the person who posted about the Sour Sop in your similar post about this miracle grass.

Glad you read your post and knowing how you treated your problem in a happy-go-lucky manner. This is a definite MUST because when a person would do that, then her body will be able to produce better and healthy cells. Such cells will further boost up your immune system and with a stronger defence system, only then your body can win over the bad ones.

SSG has now become a craze in South East Asia. Even patients from USA, NZ and Australia are searching and asking for the grass. The high numbers of people communicating there shows how many of our fellow brothers and sisters around us, are already suffering from such problem.

They said SSG acts superb on breast cancer. Ada kah you makan them everyday ? Don't forget to practise the many 'pantangs' too. I did makan them by chewing too but I take them as a supplement only. Chewing first and then swallowing the 'juice'. After a while, I just swallow the whole residue of the chewed-leaves. No way to extract the juice using an extractor because they are too light. Jikalau using blender may be. But, if you hanya boil them, I don't think you can get much nutrients from the leaves.

But there are advice that ones should not over-makan them because it has a cooling base. It will weaken the knee in a normal person.

Anyway, for your info...recently, I also found them on sale at our vegetable market by an old nenek. She sold them rather cheap. Hanya RM 2 a bundle. I try planting them too and surprisingly, they grew out very well. I hope my house would not become a jungle soon because I was told the plant may grow up in the form of a big bush.

All the best to you !

yatibahar said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes I take SSG everyday now that I have an ample supply. Yesterday the nursery man at the pasar tani gave me some for free. How nice...

I'm beginning to see good result. No prob with the cooling effect, I don't feel any pain anywhere. Just the on and off sore feeling at the b*** - I presume it's the healing effect.

I just blend the SSG with green apple and drink immediately. Never heard of boiling it.

Wah, it's sold at the market too? Where? The plant is growing very well. I have 4 pots already and happy to see them growing :-)

Anonymous said...

Would you understand Mandarin ?

There is a testimonial from a Singaporean lady who is now cured of her BC, because of SSG. If you can't, perhaps get someone to translate it for you.

yatibahar said...

I don't understand mandarin but will get my friend to watch and translate it for me :-) I watch case 3, the malay lady (colon cancer) and her daughter (luekemia), recovered by taking the SSG. Thanks for the link!