Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cancer is fungus?

It has been a week since my last posting and guess what, I had lots of returning visitors yesterday. Friends might be wondering as to what I'm up too. Don't worry guys, I'm well and fine. I have been busy re-organizing my EndNote, figuring out the best strategies to start writing as in six months time I need to report (in the six mth progress report) how many chapters have I written for my thesis.

During my break time, I still read and watch videos on cancer. Once, I came across a statement that cancer is a fungi. So yesterday I google search again and found a video on this - check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQuODiMlUsc . A prominent Italian Oncologist explains his view that cancer is fungus and can be easily treated by using sodium bicarbonate.

There is also an evidence in one site about cancer being a fungi which I thought I should cut and paste here :

Fungal spores are everywhere, millions of tiny particles are in the air, and the food we eat. They can enter the body in many ways, through the intestinal tract, the nose and lungs, and organs exposed to the world at large. We generally do not develop an infection from these intruders. However, when the immune system is compromised, the tissues are poorly oxygenated, the body is malnourished, these spores become the dominant life form and begin to grow.
Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize Winner) found that simply reducing the oxygen supply to normal healthy tissue, it became cancerous. What he was really experiencing was that fungal spores, hidden in most living tissue, were able to grow aneorobically, becoming the dominant life form. Normal healthy tissue needs oxygen to live and grow, cancer and fungus cells can use sugar as their primary source of energy for growth, this is called anaerobic respiration or fermentation.

However, there are still some debates about this issue. Whatever it is, I like to think and believe that it's true. What I have done including drinking lots of oxygenated water, has shown some improvement. I can't really feel the lump anymore. It feels like the mass tissue that a normal breast should be. Moreover, the nipple is not that inverted anymore. Well, I have an appointment with my Oncologist next week and let's see what he says about it. If the lump is gone, I probably wouldn't need a surgery at all...


Anonymous said...

hey, sedihlah blog awk.ustaz ckp kalo kena canser kt mesti sabar dan bersyukur dgn ape yg ALLAH turunkan.insyaalah kalo kt sabar semua dosa akan dihapuskan dan mungkin ini hanye 1 dugaan ALLAH untuk awk dan family dapat sesuatu yg rahmat yg kt x sangka.sabarlah temanku...doaku agar kau dan keluarga dlm lindungan ALLAH dan semoga cpt sembuh..amin.kalo ade ape2 nak minta tlg pada kami di m'sia ini beritau.insyaalah kalo ade ape2 yg kami boleh tlg..kami tlg..bye..luv u n miss u

kak yati rahmat usj3 said...

sory td tertinggal..kak yati rahmat punya

yatibahar said...

TQ K Yati, memang kita redha pun sebab kita yakin setiap penyakit tu ada ubatnye. Insya'Allah berkat doa semua, kita akan sembuh mcm biasa. Wah, awk dah nak bermenantu dah ye. Rugi le tak dapat makan nasi minyak anak awak. Takpe, yg lain punye bleh. Take care and miss you too.

Vince Neil said...

Our firm is involved in testing for fungi and mycotoxins both in the occupied spaces and within urine and tissue.
What we are finding is that a certain Penicillium species has been located in 11 out of 11 tested Breast Cancer Tissue. No testing has been carried out for the Mycotxoin produced by that fungi or if there is a bacterial component which may have a syngeristic result.
The Stanford University School of Medicine have been able to transform normal cell tissue into 3 dimensional cancers in a tissue culture dish by tweaking two genetic pathways with a virus- the qusetion one has to aask can the fungal toxin or bacterial component produce the same result?
Vince Neil
Mycotox Australia