Thursday, 16 July 2009

Final visit to the hospital

It's exactly a week today that I told the Oncology Research Unit that I wanted to terminate the clinical trial as I'll be leaving soon. The nurse set an appointment for me to see the Oncologist last Monday. The doctor is a little bit worried about me not having any treatment around one month prior to leaving home. He suggested that I continue until two weeks before I leave. Hard headed as I am, I just said that it won't be necessary as I wouldn't be able to complete the whole course anyway. In actual fact, I need the energy to do all the packings and to prepare myself for the conference next month. Moreover, with the swine flu around, I don't want to risk myself being in a low immune condition. 17 deaths have been reported in the UK and I definitely don't want to add to the number :-)

I'm feeling really fine now. Sometimes, I came to think that this whole thing is a false alarm. I did ask the doctor about the recent tumor marker test. He told me it was normal. Normal? What does he mean? Does that mean that the cancer has gone and I'm all clear? How I wish it's true. Let's see the report that I requested from him recently.

In the meantime, I am not worried about my blood pressure anymore. Yesterday I came across a site which states that the rule of thumb for a normal pressure is the age + 100. The older you are, the higher the pressure is. At my age, 130/100 is around normal. As long as I don't have any headache, and I don't feel dizzy, I consider myself normal. Enjen lama (old engine) what do you expect? There surely are a lot of build ups in my capilaries and having a slightly high pressure is normal. I'm not teens or twenties anymore (in myheart maybe :-)).

Of late, I've been very busy especially with the kids' school coming to an end. Sports day to go, this and that performances and so on. Tomorrow the key stage two kids are going to Twin Lakes for their excursions. I have to prepare some curry puffs for the kids as Adli's Pakistani friend, Faisal really adores my curry puff. His mum sent in some minced meat and potatoes for the curry puff. Of course, this doesn't have to do with cancer, and I'm slightly out of topic now, but just to note here for my remembrance...


Anonymous said...

Pn Yati,
Assalamualaikum...just read your current predicament.Want to share with you to please try out the Gerson Therapy ,I.syallah your lump will disappear without having to go thru chemo & radiotherapy both of which has only 5% chance of success.Also go to on cancer.
Wasalam, May Allah be with us.

Unknown said...

Sorry for the unsolicited advice.
I have seen many cases on follow-up, the removal of the focus of cancer is important, i.e. surgery. Those who had done mastectomy and lumpectomy, but when the margin was less than 10mm often came back with recurrence.

There are few things to consider;

If you are blood group O, very committed and disiplined in eating plenty of alkalanizing food, and very habitual in exercising and has low level of stress, then maybe your conservative approach will work. But most of us are not like that, it is even more difficult down the road, when you almost forgotten that you once had cancer.

Cancer markers are unreliable. I have seen secondaries to liver but markers are low. It is only helpful to alert you when there is rising trend.

The struggle to control breast cancer is very much harder when it recurrs.

Thus, if mamogram or PET scan show lesion, best go and get it removed with free margin. Remove what you can and then strived for an anticancer and anti-inflamatory diet. Of course olive oil is good, but when fighting cancer, it is best to keep fats to minimum, especially when your blood sugar is on the high side and when candida over rules

Take success story of alternative therapy with not just pinch but laddle ful of salt. Unless result is from randomised double blind control study, then you can't be sure if it will work as well with you. Each and every one of us is a unique person.

Don't worry about suppliments either if you are a person who is simply sustained with minimum amout of food daily, but the minimum is high quality, packed with bioflavonoids and vitamins and enzymes, meaning they are raw vegan food. Fighting cancer is cheap but a real hard work.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am glad to see you are feeling fine. I came across your site while searching for anything that might help my dear friend Rebecca who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I was wondering if you continued to use the information from the One Minute Cure book and if ti helped you? I would also like to request a copy that I can send to her if you found it helpful at all. Thank you so much. Best of luck on your continued recovery.
- Tracy

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I forgot to leave my email address for a copy of the e-book. It is tracy [at] Thank you!!