Saturday, 14 November 2009

Chemical Hazard - Paracetamol

I'm having a bit of a period pain but I don't dare taking panadol, following an email that I received recently about the chemical hazard of paracetamol. Even doctors don't dare to take panadol when they encounter pain and resort to alternative medicine instead. Why? Because panadol is toxic and can damage our liver. Once taken, it stays in the body for at least 5 years! Huwwwwaaa, what have happened to all the medications that I have taken so far...

If you have migraine or headache, it is because of the imbalance of positive and negative ions in the brain cells. The remedy is to dilute 1:1 or 1:2 of an isotonic drink with water. For example, dilute a cup of isotonic drink with one or two cups of water and drink it. I have never tried it before and will experiment it when the need arises. I seldom get a headache as I'm wearing a magnetic bracelet and I guess it has sorted out the imbalance. Another tip is to soak the feet in warm water to let the blood flows to the feet.

Last week my friend called asking for suggestions for her unsettled flu/cough/asthma. Her chinese friends have asked her to go and get sengseh (chinese medicine) for that. I remembered an email of a chinese medication of swine flu. Since it is within the range of respiratory area, I suggested to her the star anise, the base formulation for tamiflu. Boil 9 star anise with 6 glasses of water in an earthern pot for 30-40 minutes, until 4 cups left. She called me again last Thursday, telling me of her experience. Being a bit more creative, she added ginger to the formula, and she is much better now. Jokingly, I asked her to add some curry, put some chicken into it, and there you go - ready to eat with rice :-)

Curry sounds tempting. My husband is on his way to a fishing trip again. Pray that he will get lots of fish this time so that we can have fresh fish head curry again as per picture below.

Yummy eh...

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