Monday, 23 November 2009

A bit relax

Kids are on year end school holiday and I'm a bit relax for not having to drive them to and from school. They are now at their grandmother's in my hometown while my eldest is still struggling for her SPM. It's just the two of us at home, enjoying the privacy of our own home. A good therapy don't you think? :-)

I thought I'd have to present my progress at a colloquium tomorrow but that too will not happen as they are not able to slot me in. They are arranging a special one in January when my supervisor from UK will come down and visit me here. Still long way to go huh. In the meantime, I'd just continue with my current work, hoping to strike an idea on my next project.

We will be celebrating another Eid (for Haj) this Friday. This Eid will forever touch my heart as it reminds me of my own experience performing the Haj 11 years back. I have recently added a link to this blog by a guy who is working there and he is giving current updates on what's happening there. Few friends of mine are performing their Haj this year, at least I know what they are up to.

Other than that, I'm hoping to get the cendawan susu harimau (mushroom) from a friend. Recently my sister called to inform that the mushroom (or its scientific name Lignosus rhinocerus) can help cure BC. It's quite expensive though. I thought it should be as the mushroom is a scarce resource as it is believed that it grows on the spot where the tiger milk spilt. One has to go to the jungle to get it, of course risking his life too. But I heard in a recent biotech conference that they are trying to culture and mass produce the mushroom with the help of biotech. I hope it will materialize and by then, the mushroom would not be so expensive thus, there will be hope for cancer sufferer like me.

My green project is well on the way; yesterday I bought one more soursop small plant to be planted at my mum's. The seller assured that it will bear fruit in a year. So soon? I hope it's true! Since its now a rainy season, the brinjal seeds that I planted have grown and ready to be transfered to a bigger space. The asparagus seeds have not shown any sign of growing. I guess I have to get my supply of asparagus from the market huh :-)

All in all, I'm feeling great - having good appetite, good sleep and nothing to complain about. And for that, Alhamdulillah...

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