Friday, 18 December 2009

Keeping myself busy

It has been almost a month since my last entry. I guess I'm keeping myself busy in line with the intention not to think so much of this BC (if you could recall from my previous entry).

Looking back at the calendar, we had our Eid on the 27th Nov, 2009. As usual, I went back to my hometown the day before; quite an early bird to reach home, on time to become a chauffeur for my mom, driving her to the market to get raw produce for our big feast. Coming back from the market, I was on special task - to anyam the ketupat. For the benefit of my non-malay readers, ketupat is actually rice cake that is boiled in the coconut leaves. Of course we have to weave the coconut leave into a container to hold the rice in. This is how it looks like.

We didn't spend lots of time at our hometown; the night of the Eid, we were back home giving way for Aina to study for her exam.

To fill up the weekend, we tried our luck fishing at Laguna Park again. I managed to catch some small fish which ended up on our table the next day :-)

Other than that, since this is a school holiday which is a perfect time for weddings, we attended a wedding that was held in the city center. The uniqueness about it is that it's overlooking the twin tower :-) Having attended that, I guess this would be the last wedding in the city center that we ever attended as we got lost almost an hour looking for the place.

I also helped my sister making curry puffs when she gets big orders. The last order was for 400 pieces! I stayed till 12.30 am and called it the day as we had to leave early for our picnic the next day.

Actually the intention was to find a good spot for fishing. We went down until Tg Tuan to look for a place and found one good spot where we stopped and started fishing. We didn't get any but the we found this spot where fishermen came back with their produce. Next time, if we couldn't catch any, we can just buy fresh fish from the fishermen :-)

This last picture was at a shopping mall nearby, while looking for fabrics and uniforms for the kids for school next year.

Pictures tell thousand words...These pictures are raw from my handphone and has not been edited yet. I hope it's enough to update what I'm up to now...

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