Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Get an early diagnosis

I had lunch with my long lost friend last Friday. She has been wanting to see me because her sister has BC. Indirectly, I have become a point of reference when friends and families are diagnosed with BC :-) I'm not a master in it but at least I could provide some advice based on my own experience.

Surprisingly, my friend's sister has not been formally diagnosed before. The symptoms are there but somehow, she did not go and get it diagnosed until recently she had severe back pain that my friend took her to a private hospital to get it diagnosed. Initially they plan for a biopsy to get her referred to a government hospital for further treatment. I then suggested that she went for a CT scan just to know how extensive the cancer has spread. So sorry for them that the cancer cells have spread to her lung and back bones, positioning her at stage 4. She is now awaiting appointment for a chemo. I write about this as a reminder to us - when we suspect something, go and get it diagnosed. The sooner we get treatment be it conventional or alternative, ensures better survival rate.

To those who are wondering on how I have been doing, I'm doing fine with the treatment that I'm currently on. Messaging on the ceragem everyday really helps, I have no complaint on my overall health at this moment. The flow of my qi is excellent but I guess my muscles are not that firm. Last Friday I bought for myself a new goggle and I plan to resume my swimming right after office. With my schedule and the pool's timetable (for ladies), I figure I can swim on Tuesday and Friday. It's enough for an exercise as too much exposure to the clorin is not good for me.

Can't wait to dip in the pool and I hope I can still float. With both original b*****, I certainly won't look odd in my swimming suit...

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