Friday, 9 April 2010

Goat's milk - regenerating the cells of the body

I recently bought goat's milk for my Morquio children (further info at following suggestion from a book on natural medicine that I have been reading. The book says for children who don't grow, give them bone-marrow soup to eat and sheep's milk to drink.

While browsing the brochure on goat's milk, I came across one of the benefits of goat's milk and to my surprise, it says, "membantu mengubati kanser..." (helps treating cancer). I was a bit skeptical about it because all this while I thought dairy products can cause cancer and have been avoiding it since. I then sent an email to the company for further clarification. They replied that it doesn't apply to goat's milk as the structure and contents are different from cow's milk. For further info - Since my recent blood test notes that I lack of potassium, I decided to try goat's milk. Besides, it's convenient for me as it comes in sachet, I just need to empty a sachet into a mug and add warm water to it. Walla!

I have added a link on this blog if you would like to give it a try. Frankly, I have no intention on making good money out if it. I've promised myself not to get involved in any direct selling until I finish my study :-) I joined because I'm mostly infront of my computer, and it's convenient for me to order online for my kids' and my consumption.

Linking this to my previous post, I would not try the method of transfering the illness to the goat but instead I consume the produce of a goat...


Unknown said...

Wow, you really should have the nodule removed.
Having a healthy diet is also important, but get the advice of a trusted GP.
If things go bad, at least you'll know that you did everything that
you could.

Wend said...

Hi, sorry to hear that you've had this health problem, but glad that you are feeling well and active. I'm interested in your comments about goat's milk as I also thought all dairy should be eliminated for prevention of cancer. I note that you have children, may I ask did you breast feed your children, as this is supposed to greatly reduce your risk of breast cancer?
I hope that your health continues to improve and you are able to feel fit and well.
Kind regards

yatibahar said...

Hi Wendy,
I breast-fed all five of my children. I guess that formula doesn't apply anymore huh! Blame it to what we eat :-)