Friday, 3 June 2011

Sabah Snake Grass

Recently, a friend forwarded me an email about Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) or Belalai Gajah as it called in malay, a remedy for C. SSG is a small plant like the hempedu bumi except it doesn’t taste bitter. We just need to blend some leaves together with green apple plus a bit of lime and drink it right away. I got my Sabah Snake Grass recently (my friend came back from Sarawak and brought along the SSG, the plant as well as the dried ones). I have tried it for several days now and I’m running out of leaves already, so I just boiled the dried ones and drink it. It tastes alright, just like herbal tea.

I’m in the mood of juicing lately, besides the SSG plus green apple juice, I also juice the soursop and aloe vera. Whenever I got a supply of soursop, I cut them into slices and store them in the freezer. When I feel like having one, I’ll just take out a slice and blend it together with aloe vera. My neighbour has the barbados type, real big one and she gave me some recently.

On top of the juices, I also take turmeric juice as recently discovered the powerful benefits of it. Usually ladies who have just given birth are given this turmeric juice as a uterine stimulant. When I was on confinement, I simply refuse to take this turmeric juice when my mother offered for one, but now, I’m ever willing to drink one. I have also been warned not to take it regularly as it will result in early menopause. Come to think of it, it’s in fact a natural effect of ‘tamoxifen’, to block the estrogen receptors on the breast tissue cells.

In conclusion, I’m living a quality life, traveling to work everyday, and making trips back to my hometown almost every week managing the land that we recently bought. The lump is still there; based on the alternative practitioner that I went to, said that it’s not cancerous, it’s just a growth. How does the practitioner come with that thought, I don’t know but I like to think that way too :-) Maybe my regime has shown its result and the lump must have turn benign. Well, we will see in a few months when my yearly check up is due…


Anonymous said...

hope for the best


Anonymous said...

The Sour Sop that you mentioned, besides taking the flesh of the fruit itself...may I recommend you to try this other alternative usage ....

a) pluck about 25 young leaves (those found at the tip of each branch) of the Graviola Tree (Durian Belanda) and then, boil them in a small pot of water. Let it cool down after boiling.

b) drink it everyday and any excess, you may keep them in the fridge. There is no limit to drinking it.

c) There has been cases where patients with BC are enjoying their cancerous tumor reducing in sizes over a short time and also, some of them have even been cured. Whether this is true or not, there is no harm to try it.

Alternatively, there are a few things you need to abstain, in order to fight against the problem you had i.e.:

1) stop taking all forms of meat as they are acidic. The protein in such food are making your BC cells more aggressive. Undoubtedly, you need protein to maintain your health. Try to consume protein from the vegetables' variety.

2) you need to akalinize your body and to do that, try to become a vegetarian asap !

Cancer cell metasizes more aggressively in a non-oxygenated environment. Meat-eaters with acidic body will make this happened. That is the reason why you are asked to avoid them.

A person who consumes more vegetables will have an akalinized body and this will result in her body being oxygenated. This way, cancer cells will slow down its growth and eventually, weakening out.

People often said, a vegetarian is often a more weaker person because they don't consume protein from meat. I am a vegetarian for years and I still feel strong and healthy. I can run faster than anyone and one thing I can assure is people like us, who will have a better and smoother flow of blood in our body. A smoother flow will reduce the stress on your heart + a daily program of non-strenous exercises.

3) stop consuming 'sugar'

4) last but not least ... always be a happy person and do not be too depressed by your problem because 'stress' will also make your body acidic. Maybe, it is easier to say than done but, you must try to have a clear mind.

There are many of you out there and you will surely meet them during one of your regular check-ups. Build up contacts with them and thats how you get the best support from each other.

I wish you all the best. One thing as a personal advice, as your problem advances, do not depend solely on alternative means by your own. Get some professional advice, plus a second or third opinions, if necessary.

yatibahar said...

TQ very much for the tips. I really appreciate it. Will boil the soursop leaves, I grow the plant in my small garden :-)