Saturday, 4 February 2012

What to eat?

Recently I had a request from a friend whose sister-in-law's niece is suspected of having cancer. The question is - what to eat? I thought I'd post it here to benefit others as well. Like it or not, cancer is a chronic metabolic disease. We are what we eat, therefore, we must change our food intake. Eat fresh food, avoid processed food, avoid dairy products, avoid sugar,& take lots of anti-oxidants. What are those? I think we can google search by ourselves eh...By the way, a recent visit to the alternative practitioners, they forbid me from taking chicken, egg and banana until I'm cured. Why chicken? We pretty well know eh the live of a chicken is 45 days before they are slaughtered. Wah, so fast huh! surely there are lot of growth hormone being injected. When we eat the chicken, coincidently we consume the growth hormone too. Our cancer cells become very happy :-)

Besides food intake, we must also make sure our BMI is within a normal range. When I was diagnosed my BMI was really over the normal range but now, with lots of pantang, my BMI is now at a normal range.

How to get a normal BMI? Well, surely we must eat less, and exercise. I've just started joining aerobic at the office and have already planned with a few friends to resume swimming at our uni's pool. But then again if you prefer less stranious exercise, yoga or taichi could be the other alternatives.

Lastly, lead a happy life, reduce stress and insya'Allah we will be alright...

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