Thursday, 24 May 2012

I'm back!

And yes, I'm back from a long silence :-) Well, I was busy actually, finishing off my thesis, and it's now done and ready to be sent to the examiners.  The next step is to prepare for viva, I guess I can take a break eh, by updating this blog.

Healthwise, I'm alright despite the stress of writing and finishing off.  People who seldom meet me, say that I'm really really slim.  My cousin that I met during my aunt's funeral recently, said I shouldn't be this thin at this age.  Why?  I look sick eh?  My friend on FB when commenting on my photo was asking if I was alright, and advised that I should go and check my sugar level.  Hyperglycemia? Maybe not as I don't take sweet things.  Hypoglycemia?  Maybe not too coz' I don't have any symptom of being in that state.  I'm perfectly alright, BP is normal, BMI is normal and I'm enjoying myself being slim especially when I go out with my eldest daughter; her friends thought that I was her big sister :-)  When I go anywhere, people call me 'kakak' rather than 'makcik'.  Ahhhhh, what a pleasure.

As for the progress of my big C, I'm now taking keladi tikus capsule (local product) or its scientific name Typhonium Flagelliforme.  So far so good, I can see the reaction and I'm going to continue taking it.  I have also tried few other products from US but I guess I'd stick to the keladi tikus which is affordable and effective.  Dari kaya kan orang luar, baik kaya kan sedara se islam sendiri ek.

I'm still taking the sabah snake grass, sometimes by just chewing the leaves.  My nursery friend told me that there was one doctor diagnosed with BC stage one, she chewed three leaves every day (few times a day maybe) and the cancer is gone in a month.  Wah! Dr also go for alternative eh.  True enough, they know that the chemo is not good, it's poisoning the body and yet they recommend people to go through the chemo, radiation and surgery...

When I was busy writing up, I skipped my aerobics and as an alternative, I have now started walking every day at the park near home.  After I dropped the kids at school, I stop by at the park and walk for 20 minutes with my eldest who is on holiday now.  It feels good, really sweating and the best part is that I breath in oxygen every morning.  The park is lively in the morning with a group of people doing tai chi, some jog and some walk too.  I guess people are aware of the need for exercise and are really practising it eh.  Excellent!

Kids will be on school holiday next week and coincidently, our uni will be on Gawai holiday next week.  My eldest is also on holiday, so we thought it would be a good time to take a break.  Our destination would be Tioman Island.  I've never been there and really looking forward to the trip next week.  It's time to enjoy the white sandy beaches and the clear water and I'm looking forward to snorkeling too.  But before going, I should take a pic of mine before going coz' I'm sure I'd be very tanned when I get back :-)  


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your health :) I too am a breast cancer survivor x 2. I started with a double mastectomy and the darn cancer even came back after my breasts were removed (Triple Negative Breast cancer)I've had a total of 11 surgeries includ. reconstruction, chemo therapy x 4 months and now on Modified Citrus Pectin which seems to control my markers quite well and is all natural with no side effects. Check out and read about MCP. Good luck to your continued health :)