Monday, 23 February 2015

Celebrating 24th Wedding Anniversary

Pengantin lama :-)

Alhamdulillah, blessed with 24 years of marriage...pray for many more years to come.  The above photo was taken during my cousin's wedding last Saturday.  It was a kampung style wedding with rewang, own cooking and of course the pelamin was homemade too :-) Not bad eh!

Being a kampung style wedding, lots of things need to be done.  Luckily we are from a big family, each person contribute a bit, and we managed to make it happen.  On Friday morning, I help put up the pelamin, we make do with what my aunt had like curtains and so on and the result was not bad :-)
In the afternoon, I helped clean the chicken ~ 70 of them! It was a dirty job but somebody has to do it.  The next morning, I helped in the kitchen, preparing food for almost 1000 guests.  The point is, I have the energy to lend a hand.  That was a proof that my health has improved and I thank Allah for it, Alhamdulillah.

Family from my mom's side
Spot me if you can :-)  This is just part of the members from my mom's parents.  It was quite tough to gather everyone in the hot sun! Uncles and aunties as well as cousins were happy to see me well and healthy.  This wedding acts as a reunion for us and we really enjoyed each other's company.  Actually the wedding reception is for my mom's youngest sister's son.  The wife must be amazed of the big family and she sure wouldn't remember each and everyone of us.  I myself don't get all the names of my cousins since we usually met during raya time only.  But now, thanks to the advanced technology whereby we can communicate through Whatsapp ~ a group has been created :-)

From my mom's side, there was less cancer occurrence.  Only my sister and I got cancer, and my cousin's son has leukemia.  14 of 15 siblings of my mom, are still alive ~ common sickness are osteo-arthritis for the ladies, and back pain for the men.  Another common occurrence was stone in gall bladder of which, some have had them surgically removed.  My grandfather died at the age of around 100, and my grandmother died at the age of 80 plus.  The eldest, my mom is now 78.  Hopefully we will follow their trait and live longer even though we got cancer.

Around ten days from now, it will be 6 years since I was diagnosed and confirmed with breast cancer.  Health wise, I'm alright.  My next check up will be on 18/3/15, when I will request for a CT scan to see the progress so far.  The new semester will begin soon and I hope I will not be stressed out with the workload...

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alhamdullillah.....keep on goes on....