Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pak Andak Gerik

Some of my friends were curious to know the outcome of my last visit to the onco clinic.  Well, nothing much from the visit; they merajuk already to treat me coz' I declined the medicine they recommended.  Hence, they refuse to order a ct scan for me.  Never mind, too much radiation from the ct scan is not good anyway :-)  As long as I'm healthy, I feel healthy, it is a blessing already.  They don't even set my next appointment date; they say if I need to go to the hospital, just call.  Like that punya attitude also ada la ~ haiyyyaaaa, gini macam how am I going to inform my employer of my current state?  Like this I can tai chi all the way la :-)

No worries, I've been taking care of myself since day one.  I don't take any hospital medication now but I supplement myself with the herbal products namely himalaya products and shaklee of course.  I tried cellmaxx recently, but it did not ngam with me, pain here and there again, so no point of taking.  Sari agegard also tuang-tuang now.  I had my blood test done recently for CA15-3.  The reading was 40.0 U/ml.  Normal should be below 39.1.  I'm a little bit above the normal eh, but still ok la, my reading at Fuda last December was 46.  Still got improvement maaaaaa...

I'm planning to go to Fuda again for the cancer stem cell vaccine.  But at this moment, $$$ doesn't permit.  I have heard a lot of success stories about Pak Andak Gerik ~ stage 4 pun boleh baik.  Wah!  apa kata I give it a try.  Actually I have heard about this since last November, but since I have already bought a ticket to Guangzhou, I thought I should try this Pak Andak after I came back from Fuda.  I managed to convince my husband to go last weekend.  Driving from my place to Gerik was like 4 and a half hours, not so bad eh, but I myself have to drive from Behrang to Kuala Kangsar and from Kuala Kangsar to home coz' my hubby was not feeling well.

That is Pak Andak's house, easy to find coz' his Singaporean patient has kindly donated signboards at junctions to his house :-)

We reached Gerik around 12:45 pm, went straight to Pak Andak's house to get the number.  Our garmin was very reliable this time and brought us in front of his door.  There was no one to entertain us, just a list of names and guess what, I got no 87.  Quite a long list eh, and those names are from all over, mostly Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor, & Penang.  The treatment starts at 3:00 pm til midnight (everyday except Monday and Tuesday).  So we thought we'd better check in the hotel first, freshen up and get something to eat.  My husband has already booked Sri Inai Inn, so we checked in.  The receptionist kind of know already we came for treatment and we, being over peramah, probe further about the treatment.  Guess what, this Inn is fully booked every time because of Pak Andak.  At times, when some dato'-dato' came for treatment, they had it at the hotel, import Pak Andak over (but of course, after midnight when Pak Andak finished treating others at his home).  As for Pak Andak's patients, some came in an ambulance, on hospital beds, wheelchair,  the hotel staff would know how to handle.  They can even prepare meals for orang sakit :-)

That's the Inn :-)

We had lunch at the nearby restaurant.  I had rice with fish asam pedas and some ulam-ulam.  I was quite surprised to see the bill but when we asked the owner what was the name of the fish, we understood why.  We had tenggalan fish, an exotic fish, fresh from the river.  It was really tasty and worth it!  After lunch we went straight to Pak Andak's house to find out what number was on.  It was really pitiful to see the people who came for treatment; some of them are still with tubes on, some with long surgery scars, some with canes and true enough, they wore sour faces, no mood as they were in pain, hoping for cure.

People waiting for treatment.

We registered at Pak Andak's kitchen, collected my number and asked them when would the treatment be.  They advised to come back after Isyak prayer.  We went back to the hotel, and get some rest after touring the town.

After dinner, we went back to Pak Andak's house.  So the story begins.  His treatment is to transfer the sickness to a chicken.  We don't have to bring our own chicken as Pak Andak and the crew will source out the chickens from the village.  Whoaaaa 100 over patients a day, that many to source out, habis ayam satu kampung :-)  But we still have to pay for the chicken and the price is depending on the weight of the chicken.  As for me, on the first treatment, I got the 'virgin' chicken and it costs me RM18 only.   On the second treatment the next day, I had a cock, a real big one, and it costs me RM30.  After treatment,  these chickens will be freed and usually they will die within 3 days.  At times, for a really cronic patient, during treatment, the chicken died already, and they will have to find a replacement to continue the treatment.

Besides chicken, we can buy plain water sourced from the mountain for Pak Andak to recite some doa, and we bring home to drink and to wipe at the painful area.  The 5 liter bottle costs rm7, and the 1.5 liter bottle costs rm3.  The water tastes good, full of minerals.

Since there were many patients, it's impossible to treat one by one, so he did it in groups.  One group consists of 10 people, separating men and women.  We gathered in a room, Pak Andak will recite the doa to make the 'air tawar' first, then only he will treat one by one using the chicken with Mak Andak's help.  He will scan the area with cancer, collect them at one area (in my case, the br**st) where he will put the chicken for a while there.  I was worried that the chicken would poke my face, but trust  me, the chicken was obedient :-)  When done, I just pay for the chicken and cengkuk/sedekah some to Mak Andak.  They did not set any price for treatment, just sedekah how much we desire.  How much does it cost to treat cancer at the hospital? A bit of sedekah to Pak Andak is alright la eh, to honor his expertise.

By the time I'm done, it was already 11:30 pm.  The earliest we can register for the treatment next day was at 2:00 am.  So we decided to go back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep.  When we came back at 2:00 am, some have already registered and I got number 22, hoping to get treatment before night time so that we can make the trip back home before it gets dark.

On the next day, after check out, we went straight to Pak Andak's house.  I got into the treatment room around 4:00 pm.  This time around, Pak Andak said, "tinggal sikit lagi ni eh, lepas-lepas ni badan akan rasa ringan".   In shaa Allah... Usually after first treatment, we will feel painful, but as for me, I just felt my br**st throbbing but after drinking the water, it feels alright.  At the point of writing, I can also feel pain, but manageable.  There are some pantang that we have to adhere, the main one is, not to take any hospital medication.  The rest of the list is as attached below.  The pantang period is around 2 weeks, some say 3 months.  But as long as we feel alright, just go ahead and eat.  Actually I don't like to pantang (refrain from eating), I did it once and my weight dropped until I was really skinny ~ 46 kg.  That was really scary! Some items in the list, like pisang (banana), which is my favorite, I cannot refrain from eating, good source of potassium eh.  What more pisang goreng ~ certainly my favorite!

So much about treatment in Gerik.  Pray that it works so that I don't have to make trips to Fuda again :-)  Even if it doesn't, it was a great experience and certainly it will be in one my chapters in my book.  When? Just wait and see...




Anonymous said...

love reading ur post...stay strong and positive. Sometimes, doctors can be harsh, but they mean well...What ever it is, insyaAllah, Allah will guide us to the right treatment which is suitable for us..whatever it may be..Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi, just read your post. Can i have Pak Andak's phone number? The one i had 013-4092378 is not reachable. Do we need to make an appointment in advance?

Anonymous said...

planning to go there..wonder if it's open on saturday and sunday.. n how do u feel now by the way..getting better after Pak Andak's treatment? samoga kita semua tabah mengh
arungi dugaan ini..take care!

saidah said...

Salam sis...boleh taw mcm mana perkmbgn sis slps rawatan tu? Saya berhjt utk ke sana jgk mggu ni..ada no telefon tak yg boleh di hubungi

yatibahar said...

Pak Andak is too busy to pick up the phone :-) No need appointment, he is off on Monday & Tuesday, other days he is available but weekends and public holidays are pack. Go on weekdays if possible :-)

yatibahar said...

Perkembangan saya ~ hmmm shall I say tak rasi? Tak semua pengubatan serasi dengan semua org. Semalam buat pet ct scan, masih ada lagi tumornye.