Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fuda again?

I'm referring to a recent viral message on Whatsapp, asking us to tune in to Channel 1 for an info on alternative treatment in Fuda.  I did not get to watch the slot, too late for it coz' it was shown the night before.

I belong to lots of WA group including cancer group of which some are extreme and some are moderate about managing cancer.  Most of the time, I just read the messages for info and seldom participate in the discussion.  I believe there is an ulterior motive in creating such group.  Be it, I just follow my instinct and body response on what I should take, where I should go for treatment, what sort of treatment and so forth.  About the treatment that I got from Fuda, regardless of what people say, I should say I feel good about it.  The treatment is less invasive and offer fast recovery; for example the cryo, three days after the treatment, I can go shopping already compared to the recent treatment that I had here (MWA) which left me half dead :-( and suffered for many months.  But then again, whatever we do, there must be 'istiqomah'/continuous??? and to be istiqomah in getting treatment in Fuda, I need to think about the most important factors - the $$$ and time.  Looking into my situation now, I surely cannot afford to go to Fuda again for treatment as I'm back at work.

So how can I be istiqomah in treating my cancer?  At the moment, I'm istiqomahly taking jus infiniti, drinking kangen water and taking some other supplements.  So far so good, I feel very comfortable, I can drive to work, I can do whatever I want including shopping :-), I can be the supir when my husband cannot drive on the highway while 'balik kampung',  I can sleep well, I can eat well, I can have a great time with my friends and what more can I ask for.  Basically I'm leading a quality life, who cares whether the cancer is still there.

I believe cancer can be controlled if we follow this DAON - D for Detox,  A for alkalize, O for oxygenated, and N for Nutrition.  There are many ways to do this and you can suit to taste according to your budget and means.  As for me, this can simply be done if I move back to kampung where there are ample oxygen, where I can rear my own chicken and plant my own vegetables.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford it at the moment as I still need to serve my contract and I need the money to take care of these cheeky kids :-)

Aidil Fitri 2016

Skinny me :-) Ready for our school reunion with Bollywood team.

Latest pic, at KLIA2 after sending off 2 elder daughters to Perth 


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