Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What a hassle

I went to a government hospital yesterday to visit my friend who has just delivered a baby. Since I've been wanting to go to that particular hospital to get my blood tested for BRCA, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

While waiting for the visiting hours, I went to the counter to enquire about the procedure if I want to get my blood tested. They told me that I can't simply do the test as it must be ordered by a doctor. Well, I should then book for an appointment to see a doctor. Believe it or not, the nurse wouldn't book me an appointment just because I did not bring any reference letter! She said it's their policy and they have to comply with it. So much so about ISO! In malay the appropriate abbreviation for it is Ini Susahkan Orang. What a hassle, to book an appointment we have to bring in a letter of reference, then, come back the next time for the appointment, then come back in the next few month to get the result. If someone is dying, he or she might be dead the minute the result is out! Well I'm not that patient and as long as I have other options I will not set foot at the hospital again for a treatment unless I'm dying and somebody else admits me there :-)

I'm pretty sure my blood pressure shot up at the hospital yesterday and am pretty sure it subsided the minute I saw my friend with her new baby. She was a tiny baby at around 2.5kg and reminded me of Aina who coincidently accompanied me to the hospital. We had a good chat, talking, gossipping and laughing, you could imagine how havoc it was since I have not met her since I left the UK.

What an experience I had yesterday...There is also a good thing happened though, while I was waiting for the GL from my employer, I came across a phamplet about khairat kematian for staff, and I fill in the form on the spot to allow them to deduct RM2 of my monthly salary for it. It is actually a compensation scheme meant for the beneficiary incase we died. As to date, for every death, they are able to give away RM23,000, quite a lot of money eh! I'm lucky to be in an organization with thousands of employees and to date, the participation for this scheme is approaching 20,000. If you are reading and you happen to be in the same organization, feel free to join as we never know when we will die and little compensation for our loved ones when we are gone will certainly help...

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