Friday, 26 March 2010

Conventional or alternative?

When one is diagnosed with cancer, the most important thing is to get a cure for it, the best treatment possible so that life can be prolonged. Some will opt for the conventional treatment; going for surgery, chemo, and radiation. Some will opt for alternative treatment; ubat kampung as we malay say it. Well, which one is better? I'd say it depends on our own personal choice. We human is given the power to choose; and we have the right to decide which is the best for us. After all, we are the one who is taking the risk and consequences during or after the treatment.

There is no right or wrong in choosing the conventional or the alternative. Once again, it's a matter of preference. Personally, I have experienced both and I don't say that conventional treatment is not good; the four doses of chemo that I had must have done its good in shrinking the lump and probably get rid of millions of my cancer cells. I decided on continuing on alternative which has brought me to the state as I'm at the moment.

I'm currently reading a book on self-healing - use the mind to heal the body. I quote herewith caption from the foreward by the publisher, who had vagina cancer and cured in six months using the power of the mind to heal the body :

"I can make suggestions and I can definitely explain what worked for me, but ultimately each individual has to take full responsibility for their selves and know that the course they have chosen is the best one for them".
Part of the healing is the prayer that we put forward to God. There are times when we go and seek alternative treatment that the Kiyai put forward the prayer for us. There was a little dispute over this in our yahoogroup as such, it's better that we ourselves pray for our own recovery. Personally I see there is nothing wrong with getting someone else to pray for us. No doubt it's better for us to ask from God ourselves but I do get my friends to pray for me especially when they go for their Haj or performing for Umrah.
Well, actually we can practically do anything to heal ourselves. The most important thing is the belief that whatever treatment that we go for, will do us good. This morning I got a lead from a collegue that there is a Kiyai in Indonesia who does a treatment by transfering the sickness to a goat! Cool isn't it? Well, let me try first and will feedback on this later...


Anonymous said...

saya silent reader di blog ini.
saya salute dengan semangat akak utk healing.
saya harap akak tak meneruskan niat akak yang satu itu kerana dalam islam kita dilarang menganiaya antara satu sama lain hatta terhadap haiwan sekalipun.perkara ini (transfer the illness to animals)dah ada ustaz yang komen didalam majalah al-islam (tak ingat keluaran yg keberapa)
teruskan usaha akak melalui pemakanan yg boleh cure cancer.itu lebih baik.(wallahualam)
maaf jika kata-kata saya menyakiti hati akak.....

yatibahar said...

TQ for the warning. On second thought, I'm not going to try it anyway. Read some about it over the internet too. Besides, it's not convenient for me as it's a bit costly...