Friday, 5 March 2010

Live life to the fullest

My latest pic - with toman that my son caught..

It has been a year since I was diagnosed with BC. I’m glad and thankful that I’m still in one piece, living life to the fullest. I’m really lucky to have discovered it at an earlier stage, giving ample time for me to decide what’s the best treatment for me.

Looking back, what I have done to combat this BC has really shown it’s positive result. Although I have not done any test to proof that I’m cancer-free, my state of health proves that I’m a survivor. I don’t really care whether the cancer cells still exist, after all everyone of us has the cancer cells in our body. It’s a matter of how we control it so that it will not do any harm to our body which in the end, affects the quality of our lives.

I have tried modern medicine as well as alternative. Personally, I prefer the alternative as it’s less painful. As I have experienced, the after effect of my chemo was not that bad compared to others. But four doses were ENOUGH for me and I’m glad that when I get back here, I did not go to the hospital to continue my treatment. Before I left, the doctor was worried that the lump will re-grow and insisted that I go for further treatment. I’m glad that I did not follow his advise and follow my intuition instead. I’m thankful that the chemo that I had has shrunk the lump and the only side effect that I encountered was loosing my hair. Well, I have a new set of hair now, bushier that before :-)

Based on my research, I found that cancer strikes when the body lacks the immune system. Back then, with less intake of vitamins and minerals and in addition to stress and less water intake (coz’ it’s cold), my cancer cells grew happily. But now, I make sure that I strengthen my immune system and it seems the black seed oil, the extra virgin olive oil, the cendawan susu rimau and ocassional hempedu bumi are capable of doing so.

Cancer cells cannot survive in a state where there are loads of oxygen. I now drink lots of plain water to make sure that my cells get the oxygen needed. On top of that, I massage my body everyday using the ceragem to ensure that the qi flows smoothly; same effect as qi gong :-). Early in the morning, I spend a few minutes in my garden, breathing in and out deeply, infront of my plants that I purposely let them grow bushy. At this point of time, my scented flowers like kasidang and kenanga are blooming, providing a natural aromatherapy for me.

I still drink my lemon grass tea everyday to kill the cancer cells. At times I eat the soursop when I get the supply. If not, I just drink the soursop juice. During this hot weather, I usually have the frozen one, we call it ais krim batang.

The serenity of one of my fishing spot that is simply breathtaking...

Remembering this first anniversary, I pray that I'll be forever healthy and live long to see all my children grow until they are all independent...


Mamaboyz said...

assalamualaikum kak yati

boleh saya tahu dari mana kak yati dpt tahu pasal lemongrass tea? ada website link atau title buku dia?
pastu beli dah siap atau campur serai dlm teh?

adakah effect dia sama mcm green tea?

all the best for everything.. you really looked radiant! :)

yatibahar said...

W'salam Wati,
Pasal lemongrass tu, thru' email and kalau google search, banyak jugak la cerita pasal lemongrass ni. K Yati dah paste dlm entry sometimes last year - cuba tengok balik. K Yati cuma hiris serai tu and masukkan dlm air panas. Dh sejuk skit, minum.

Effect sama x ngan green tea, green tea bleh detox, serai bleh kill the cancer cell terus. In my case, it's good to drink the serai tea :-)

Look radiant? TQ...It must be the weather :-) org nusantara kena duduk nusantara jugak, duduk tempat org, the health jadi haywire...

mamayati said...

hi yati,
good to see you enjoying life to the fullest' fishing and all...that's just wonderful...
i was told by a doctor to take brightly coloured fruits and vegetable daily to improve my immune system.for example, red dragon fruit, oranges, celery, purple plum, carrots, green apples.
wishing you all the best!

yatibahar said...

Hi Mamayati,
Just thought about you recently. Been busy with work eh? Thanks for the tips, will take loads of them.

All the best to you too.