Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What a relief!

Exactly two months after my last post, I'm glad to annouce that I'm almost done with my PhD.  I had my viva yesterday and Alhamdulillah I passed with minor correction.  What a relief! I just need to do the amendments and submit the hardbound copy to the university.  The stress of finishing off the PhD is over and now I can concentrate on my cancer battle.

In the last post, I did mention about taking a break after submitting the thesis.  The holiday in Tioman was superb.  Everyone in the family enjoyed it very much.  We even plan to go there again sometime.  Unfortunately, too much of swimming and snorkelling has somewhat affect my tumor.  I had infection on my affected breast to the extend that it bled profusely.  I managed to control the bleeding by myself; had I gone to the hospital, they would have performed an emergency surgery on me.  So instead, I google to find similar experience of bleeding breast tumor and I came across a natural healer's blog in Bali.  From her blog, I got a lead of Dr (H) Chan, who believed that cancer is caused by heavy toxins in the body.  In fact, the Bali woman had three root canals of which after she removed them, she is cured of her cancer.  When I saw Dr (H) Chan, he tested my toxin levels and the readings are very very high.  He made me an antidote for my super detox and advised me to remove all my amalgam filling which could be the source of heavy toxins in my body.  No wonder whatever I take does not heal me - my immune system is busy clearing off the toxins and neglect my cancer.  I have started to remove my amalgam fillings one by one now and have few more to go.

Dr (H) Chan also prescibed me baking soda and maple syrup to cure the cancer.  I asked him whether he knew of any doctor who can inject baking soda directly to the tumor and he gave me the number of Dr Mak in Seri Kembangan.  I went to see Dr Mak and he suggested a combination of ozone and baking soda for my cancer treatment.  I'm convinced after learning that lots of cancer patients and diabetic patients in his clinic got cured by ozone treatment.  In my case, he injects baking soda alternate with ozone (per treatment), clean the blood with ozone & UV (around 30 minutes), and then infuse the baking soda directly into my vein.  The treatment takes around 2 hours and I do it twice a week.  So far, I have had 10 treatments and the tumor has started to shrink.  My pocket shrinks too coz' per treatment costs me around RM500 :-)  I don't really mind actually, and I pray that I'd get cured using this regime.

One thing good about this ozone treatment compared to chemo is that I feel lively, I even had the chance to go to Netherlands last month for a conference.  Over in Netherlands, I cycle around 3 kilometers everyday to the conference venue and I feel fine.  I remember when I was in the UK, few days after the chemo I cycled to the office, when I reached the office I was out of breath and it took quite sometime to recover.

And now it's fasting month, I have no problem fasting.  Hopefully during fasting month the cancer cells will starve and with the ozone and baking soda, they will die off naturally...


Unknown said...

Yati, you go to this website and read all the comments, worth trying if you have already not tried:


yatibahar said...

TQ Dr Has,
On and off I do take tumeric especially when I need to cook things that require tumeric. Fresh from the garden, pound and drink :-) Now puasa time, not able to take it during cooking. The Dr that does ozone for me advised to take lots of juice of variety of fruits. Hope it works this time.