Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Is the ozone treatment working?

It's really a tough job to find the root cause of my cancer.  Blame it on the toxins from the amalgam, well, I have had all amalgams changed to composite already but the lump is still there.  Blame it on the lack of oxygen in the cells, well, I have spent 10K with the ozone treatment already, but the lump is still there.  Come to think of it, maybe the way it's done is not correct for me - who knows how long can the oxygen stays in the cell and if I do it once a week, the cancer cells have time to grow before the next dose.  Besides, the clinic is quite far from the place that I work, and to go there and have treatment takes quite some time and while the semester is running, I can't afford to be away for a long time.  There is another ozone center nearby my workplace, now offering 18 days of ozone treatment (daily) for almost 9K.  I'm contemplating to try it out but how if it doesn't work?  I mean I have experience the ozone treatment before...

Through the conversation with my ozone Dr, we still have to take care of our daily food intake, preferably fruit juice and vegetable juice.  Haiiyaaa, can I blend i.e. the spinach and drink?  I don't think so... carrot juice would be alright, but do I have the discipline to do it everyday?  Can I not eat rice and all the good food together with it? The Dr advise not to cook the rice and other dishes in metal pots.  But all pots at home are made of metal...And if I go and have lunch outside (during workdays) how can I control it?

As of now, I do ozone bagging everyday as I have the ozonator at home.  To ozonate everything before cooking or eating, wah, it takes courage and discipline & I'm not sure whether I can do it.  My ozonator is placed in my bedroom and to go up and down to get things ozonated is quite a courageous thing to do isn't it?  Or I might as well get another ozonator to be placed downstairs.

Recently I came across info about ace maxs, an Indonesian product, a juice made of mangostene (manggis) and soursop (durian belanda).  I have contacted the agent there, but unfortunately they cannot ship it here.  Alternatively, I have ordered mangostene juice and will try it when it got it. 

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