Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Another birthday

Last Saturday, I celebrated my 46th birthday.  Really thankful to have lived this long and hope for many more years to come.  Nothing grand, just a picnic at Putrajaya Wetland, in line with getting my girl relaxing her mind before she sits for her SPM starting this week.  And for lunch, as usual we went to Saba' Restaurant for some mandi chicken briyani.  No cake this time, I don't want to feed my cancer cells :-)

At 46

As usual, during my birthday, I always get a present for myself :-) And guess what my birthday present for this year is - 18 day ozone treatment package!  I have started on it yesterday, first impression, it's more systematic than the treatment that I had in Seri Kembangan.  Before starting on any procedure, they took the blood test and today, the result is back.  My CA 15.3 (cancer marker) reading was 126 U/ml.  It should be below 39.1 U/ml.  Although the cancer is there, I'm relief that the reading is not 400 or 700 or even 1000+ coz' they say there are cases of such!  Other CA readings are within normal range.  One point to note is that my Haemoglobin is a bit low, I need to scout for folic acid soon.  Cholesterol was in the normal range - which makes my husband a bit puzzled as to why my BP is at the borderline.

What do I get from the package?  Well, yesterday I had the apheresis - the cleaning of the blood.  They drew out blood from my left arm, make it pass through a machine to filter out the cholesterol & toxins, ozonate it and put back in the blood on my right arm.  The colour of blood that they drew out was dark red, and guess what, the filtered blood that they put back in is bright red colour!  Shall I say that I have blood like a baby's now? :-)  This procedure will be done three times only, once everyweek.
Comparing the unfiltered blood with the filtered one

This morning I had the microbubble blood - the way they did it was that they drew out blood into a bag (like the bag we donate blood), and then they mix it out with ozone, put the ozonated blood back in.  I also had insufflation (through nose) and through vagina too (I never heard that there is such treatment!)
The blood before ozonate

The blood after ozonate, being infused

On top of it I also get supplements like vit C and something to clean the liver (injected into the vein).  Ozone capsules were also provided, once taken, whenever I burp, I can smell the ozone :-) As at this point, everything went well, so far I did not feel any headache or anything like the one I had in Seri Kembangan.

Pray that it will work this time.  The reason being, I want to go for my graduation in December!


lizaramlan said...

aslkm kak yati.. selamat ulangtahun yg ke 46..semuga akak dibawah rahmat Allah sentiasa.take care

yatibahar said...

Thanks Liza :-)

Anonymous said...

Puan .. I have been trying to reach you about a treatment using Stem Cells. This treatment is carried out in Beijing (China). We have sent quite a lot of patients and they are back now, happily because they got cured. Mostly are terminal patients. The highest achievement are breast cancer, followed by Liver, Lung and Prostrate, including reviving dyfunctional organs

You can reach me for more details at greensanctuary56@gmail.com

yatibahar said...

Interested but unable to get you, email bounced...