Thursday, 18 June 2015

Admitted into hospital Ramadhan again

Alhamdulillah, well and fine, and able to see another Ramadhan :-) I'm able to fast at ease, cook food for the family, perform tarawih prayer at the masjid at ease; basically leading a normal life.

Relating to the previous entry, Pak Andak Gerik doesn't work with me eh.  Too many pantang, I just cannot cope with it :-) HA HA HA

Soon after, I came across an ad of a local hospital looking for clinical trial patients for HITV immunotherapy.  I was a bit excited about it and approach them to enroll.  As usual, I have to go through many procedure to see if I'm qualified.  I had mammo for the unaffected breast, ultrasound, and PET CT scan.  A few trips made to the hospital and in the end, the doc emailed me telling me that I'm not qualified because I have done iodine seeding before.  The iodine seeding was done last year and it could not possibly be in my body anymore.   Well, it could be a blessing in disguise ~ while waiting for them to say yes or no, I received news that a friend who did the same procedure at a private hospital here, passed on.  The night before, he sent me the image of his PET CT showing the before and after HITV.  His cancer is almost cleared, yet he did not survive.

So what will be my plan b?  Looking back at the treatment that I have gone through so far, I can say that the B17 injection was effective.  Therefore, I have ordered my own supply through online and waiting for it to get here.  I figure, if I do it during this fasting month, it would be more effective.  During fasting month, cancer cells are starving too and while they are at a weaker state, I give them B17, hopefully they will die off.

In the meantime, I'm trying the butterfly tea, from the butterfly leaves.  News has spread around that the leaves, when boiled, can cure lots of sickness and there are also success stories on cancer patients too.  Why not give it a try eh...


zeera said...

Assalamu'alaikun Puan Yati,

Saya dah lama mengikuti perkembangan puan yati melalui blog ini(dah bertahun sejak puan di UK). Alhamdulillah puan masih dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik oleh Allah. Syukur sangat..
Saya nak tanya tentang teh rerama yg puan minum sekarang. Adakah puan yati membelinya dari En. kamarul dari Melaka yang pernah ceritanya keluar dalam Mastika?
Nak tanya juga bagaimana nak dapatkan B17 yang puan amalkan sekarang.
Saya ingin kakak saya yang mengidap BC stage 4 mencuba teh daun rerama tu..dan kalau boleh ambil B17 juga.
Terima kasih atas sebarang bantuan maklumat.

yatibahar said...

Teh rerama saya beli online je, x beli dari En. Kamarul tu. Dah keje ni xde time nk boil bagai :-) so far lum nampak lagi kesan teh rerama ni. B17 yes :-) saya beli online dari cytopharma. Sakit2 dh xde, lump pun makin kecut.