Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mourning and Gloomy September

Glad that September is almost over.  It has been a mourning month with the demise of two of my 'Fuda treatment' friends, one during end of August and the other, a week after.  Al-fatihah to them ~ Moga roh mereka di cucuri rahmat.

Gone two, many more has contacted me for advise.  Wahhh, I suddenly become a consultant eh! I'm just sharing my experience and enlighten them when needed.  Having been in the same boat, I know how they feel and some words of comfort will certainly cheer them up.  Some say that I'm an inspiration and hopefully it will motivate them to get better.  Sometimes, I was out of words too to console, especially when informed that the whole lung has been filled with tumors, the condition is very weak, and no appetite to eat...duhhhhh...If the person has strong will power to live, in shaa Allah he or she will survive.  But then, if it is time already, the sickness will just be the cause...

As for me, I feel very good, enjoying every minute of my life, with no pain to grumble with.  But yesterday I felt pain on my chest ~ due to haze and maybe overload of meat during the Eid Adha which cause inflammation.  I had some turmeric capsules yesterday to counter it and Alhamdulillah it works.  Today the pain is gone :-)  Well actually, once we have the big 'C', it will forever be with us till we die.  It is the matter of managing it so that we can live our lives at ease and certainly with NO PAIN!

It is wise to divert the attention to other things rather than concentrating solely on the big 'C'.  I'm now on a mission to treat my Morquio kids.  Recently my friend introduced me to a chiropractor nearby, and we have made a few trips there.  The kids showed good progress and they are now taller by two cm!  Good enough eh.  The Sifu said, looking at the spine, the kids can grow taller, and I pray that it will come true.  Surgeries won't do them any good ~ proven with the big sister who is now on wheelchair, and I'm not going to let the same thing happen to the little sister.  The only matter is ~ per treatment costs RM220 and for two??? treatment is every 4 days or so... Poket koyak jugak gini macam :-)

With my Morquio kids

Lastly, I hope that the haze season will be over soon.  Last night I checked, my O2 level was 96, which was usually 99.  Panic a bit woooo.  I also pity my friends who are having problem with breathing especially those with asthma.  Stay indoor everyone! 

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HCI said...

Salam Yati;

This quiet morning, I went to blogs that I visited long time ago, they were ... then I tried various letters combination for the "breastcancernott with single t, with s, and finally...Alhamdullilah you're good and very resourceful, and I respected your strength..May God give you many more blessings