Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Another birthday!

Alhamdulillah for another birthday :-) It was celebrated a little bit early over the weekend when everyone in the family was around.  A nasi arab treat at Saba' Restaurant, and a surprised birthday cake at night.  The kids planned the surprise all the way.  All this while, whoever's birthday, I would be the mastermind ~ looking for cake and set up the event.  But now, when the kids are grown up, they have the pleasure of arranging one.  Frankly speaking I did not know when they had meetings to plan for it.  All that I know, when I came downstairs to watch TV, they suddenly sang the birthday songs and we then enjoyed the cake.  It was a banana cake with real banana in it.  It's really 'yummeh' and it does not last long in the fridge.  The kids are requesting another one :-)  when everyone is around, we will get a bigger  one next time.

And what's the present from Yati to Yati this time?  It's certainly the B17 that I have reordered recently.  While enjoying this year's birthday treat, I'm determined to get better and stay healthy all the way so that I can be of service to my family.  Mission to treat my morquio kids are not done yet and I sincerely hope they will grow bigger and be independent as the rest of their siblings. 

Actually when birthday comes, the one that I really want to see is my mum.  Can't wait to see her this weekend to thank her for bringing me into the world, guide me all the way, and constantly pray for my health and success.

As for my current health, on top of the B17, recently I have started to take the asparagus like I did way back in 2009.  It is more convenient for me as I can get the supply from Jaya Grocers nearby; steam them for a while & blend them to turn into a puree.  Every morning and night, just take two tablespoons, mix with plain water and drink.  It has shown a positive effect, but have to bear with the healing crisis during the first few days of consuming it.  My BP has also turn to normal now.  Alhamdulillah...


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