Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Second infusion today

I had my second infusion this afternoon. It was quite busy at the treatment room today, almost all seats were taken and the nurses were really busy. I had my blood taken to test whether the blood count has increased. Last week the reading was 1.3 and it must be more than 1.5 to be infused again. Thank God, today my blood count has increased to 4.2. My bone marrow is quite slow in producing the blood cells and as the result, they prescribed my with something to boost my bone marrow to produce more cells so that I won't miss the three week cycle for the next infusion. It needs to be injected 24 hours after the infusion. They have scheduled for a district nurse to visit me tomorrow to inject the medicine.

This time I did not wear the cold cap. I see no point of wearing it as I lost my hair anyway. I've lost 50% of it already, I might as well lose them all. I've never been bald before, why not be one for a change! After all, bald is beautiful. Babies look sweet being bald. I've got to check with my mum whether I was bald then.

The infusion went smooth; still the same Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide. I should expect the same nausea feeling, taste change and sore mouth. I just need to check my body temperature everyday, if it goes above 38 degree celcius, I would have to go to the hospital. Hopefully it will not reach 38. I just have to stay indoor as my immunity is low. With the swine flu around, I'd better stay in and keep myself busy. There are lots of papers to read and writings to be done.

I reached home quite late and my stomach was growling. Luckily there were some porridge courtesy of Ina Adam. TQ Ina if you are reading. I did not receive my allowance this time; they say they have overpaid me. Well, rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana...


littlemonsters said...


MasyaAllah kak, I have never met someone so determined in life like you. You are a great inspiration to me.Im no where like you.

Im in Lboro doing my PhD with 4 kids, 9 8 3 1.Struggling and complaining, which I think I should do less.

Shasha forwrded your blog to me and since I have been looking through to get more courage and strength. May Allah bless you with more health and wisdom. I would like to visit you one day, as a friend and to send my salams from Sha too.InsyaAllah may Allah make us breeze through these challenges.

Friendship Love, Lynn Lboro.

Anonymous said...

kak yati,
rasa tak tahu nak cakap apa, cuma Allah saja yang mampu menentukan segalanya yang terbaik. Akak memang tough sangat!


Anonymous said...

Kak yati dearie...,

Miss you sangat2x.. I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick but proud at the same time that you are so brave and well enough to let everyone knows what's been going on!! Keep it up, and fight.. i know you are strong, and Insyaallah, who knows you might recover much sooner than expected!

You're a fighter! Love, Sara.

yatibahar said...

Dear Lynn,
Glad that I'm your source of inspiration. Well, it's one of the challenges of the PhD :-) If I get through this, it's gonna be a more challenges for you guys...

Glad to meet you someday. I have a friend there too - Normah. Send my salam if you get to see her.

Nita and Sara, TQ. Insya'Allah we will get together again. Nita, congrats on your coming one and Sara, I saw you on Iskandar's blog. Cun aaa...