Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Young Dracula

We were watching Young Dracula on TV yesterday and I passed a remark, "Dracula wouldn't want to suck my blood." My innocent boy was curious and asked, "why?". I bluntly replied, "because I have cancer...". The whole family burst into laughter :-)

The kids are on two weeks Easter break and since I'm grounded, and our car is a total loss because of the accident, we have no where to go. I kind of pity them as they envy their friends having to travel and go for vacations during the holiday. No worries, as long as we have each other to keep us company, it really is a blessing.

As they have no where to go, they are invading my computer and my work space. I now have constructed a new work space down at the corner of my dining room.

I'm practising a basic yoga through a dvd/book that I bought from a charity shop during my recent course. At least it helps as I heard, yoga is good to help cure cancer. I know some friends might object to this as in my country, yoga is banned by our religious belief. Well, I'm doing it for the sake of exercising and if it helps to make me feel better, why not?


Hope AdDict said...

salam yatie... sorry to hear abt the accident ... am glad ure ok at the moment.. always in my prayers !

yatibahar said...

TQ Lin, genap sebulan ari ni accident tu...I'm feeling fine. Thinking of going to the office tomorrow to attend our weekly seminar...

HCI said...

Salam Yatie,

Traced u via the stats. How are u? Wanna share the details of the HPE (histopathological report) of the excised lump/mastectomy? I learnt to see predictors in the fine details of the report.

What is your blood group type?

Was you overweight at time of diagnosis?

Stay strong. Cheers.

yatibahar said...

Has, is it Dr Hasanah? I've just read your latest entry. Glad to have found you from Raden's. My blood type is B+ (proud of having it as it's my husband's initial = B! Was I overweight? I thought I'm not but when I checked my BMI, height of 5'1" and 61kg, I'm slightly overweight...No wonder I got cancer!