Saturday, 7 March 2009

Am I strong?

I'm not as strong as Mr T :-) but spiritually, I hope I'm. Most of the emails I received, commented that I'm a strong woman. Well, I have to be strong for my kids especially the last two. They are dependent on me; if I'm not well, who's going to bring them around for their treatment...

As per our activity, everything is as per normal. The whole family is accepting it well. There is nothing to mourn about. We have been receiving a lot of visitors; friends come and visit and quite surprised to see me as jolly as usual. All eyes focused on my chest area probably wondering which side it is; some get to feel it (ladies of course!). Whoever had the chance, in return, I'd squeeze their's too! We then giggled, enough to cheer me up.

Those who called, were also amazed to hear my voice as I was as cheerful as ever. My sister-in-law cannot sleep at night thinking how I'd be getting on with it. As for me, as soon as I lay my head on the pillow, I doze off already, sometimes awoke by my husband's snore.

My husband is also accepting it well. Her sister had it, now living well and healthy after 12 years.

Today is my husband's birthday...what a shocking 'birthday present' he received this year...


BalancingAct said...

Dear Yati,

Just heard about your diagnosis through our email group. Yes no doubt you need to be strong but allow yourself to be your real feelings when the going gets tough. you will overcome this.

My sister's friend was diagnosed with BC and she has a blog She has not written for awhile but I hear she. has gone back to her kampung and opened a book shop called "Desa Literati". I hope you will be able to draw some strength from her writings.


check out mine at

Mama Rock said...
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