Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Opps, operation postponed until after chemo

I had meetings with the oncologist and the nurse this afternoon. Somehow the surgeon and the oncologist thought that I should go for chemo first to shrink the lump as it would be easier for the operation. I'll be meeting the oncologist again this Friday for further detail.

Frankly, I'm quite pleased that the operation is postponed as mentally, I'm not ready. It they schedule it as planned after my NATCOR course, I would have been ready. Roughly I'll go into surgery during summer as it takes around 15 weeks to go through the whole chemo sessions. Since the operation can wait till summer, I presume the cancer is not that bad. I'll recite the doa to shrink cancer cell, that my friend sent me. Hopefully the lump will shrink or vanish and I might not need any surgery at all!

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Nadia who has chaperoned me to the hospital this afternoon. I know she is reading this as she has bookmarked my blog! Looking at the hits, I know that friends out there are following my story. Take it easy ladies. I pray that it won't happen to you. According to the nurse, today, there are nine new cases. I wonder how they can cope with all these...

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Zalmiyah said...

Insya Allah kak.. tak ada yg mustahil bagi Allah.. doa la banyak2..

Satu lg doa yg saya pernah dengar, tapi lupa ayat sepenuhnya, tapi maksudnya lebih kurang:
Ya Allah, engkaulah yg berkuasa membesarkan yg kecil dan mengecilkan yg besar, kecilkan lah apa yg ada pada ku ini (niat tujukan kpd cancerous ni)