Sunday, 22 March 2009

Screening completed

With the CT Scan done yesterday, the screening stage is completed. I have never done CT Scan before; if you want to have an idea of how it's done or how the machine looks like, again, go to youtube :-) CT scan is like an x-ray but more advanced as it takes cross sectional images, which give a three dimensional image of the inside of the body. Before the procedure, a chemical was injected which gives funny hot feelings in the mouth and all over the body. It feels like wanting to pee too :-)

My blood pressure remains high, which worries me. See what the doctor says next week as the nurse will inform the doctor about it. I hope it won't delay the chemo which the first cycle is currently scheduled on 31/3.

I have added another link to my favourites, MacMillan Cancer Support which has some info about the chemo drugs that I'll be having. Follow the link below for the side effects of the drug.

This morning I had the chance to resume my weekly exercise class - Poco-Poco. It really feels gooood...


Dang Anum said...

huiyoo, mak main poco2 gak??
org baru tau psl bnde tu wktu masuk sambest thn lps.
kat mne mak buat bnde tu?
dgn helwa ke??
anyway, aina dh nk balik ni
get well soon
may ALLAH bless u fiddunya walakhirat
pray for me as well..(esp progress test next week!)
Luv, Aina~

Azlan Ismail said...

Kak yati,

Setiap dugaan tu datang dgn hikmah yg besar kan? Kite doakan kak yati sekeluarga akan sentiasa tabah dan diberikan kesihatan yg baik, rezki yg murah. Apa2 pun dugaan yg datang, we must live our life to the fullest kan?

I know you can do this. U are way stronger than u think. My prayer will always be with you :)